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Alexander Isaac petitioned against Malta: "Disappointed"

Alexander Izaak from the river towards Malta

withAndreas Käck, Simon Bank

VALLETTA / Stockholm. Janne Andersson praises Alexander Isak as a "super substitute".

What does a 20-year-old think about this?

– That's not what you mean … he says.

In a 1-1 match against Norway last month, former AIK Alexander Isak and Robin Quaison formed a pair of strikers.

Isaac was petitioned against Malta.

Marcus Berg took the place of the 20-year-old in eleven, but was speechless from the field in the match, which Sweden finally won 4-0.

"Isaac replaces"

Janne Andersson then substantiated her choice as follows:

– Emil Forsberg is not included for the Faroe Islands. I chose to play against Isaac and Quaison against Norway, and then Mackan (Berg) came to Krasnodar, so I chose every day. For me, Mackan is a player who showed good form, scored goals, and Isaac is a substitute. He is doing very well, he is a real super-replacement. But the choice applies to all attack and defense games, it does a lot of things that not everyone can see. Then we'll see what happens on Tuesday (with Spain), said the league captain.

"I always want to play"

Isaac was disappointed with the petition against Malta.

– Of course, you always want to play, and when the competition is tough, it's obvious you'll be disappointed to end up on the side. But we're winning 4: 0 and I have to come in and show what I mean, so I'm still happy. You have to work to start the next match, "says Isak.

The next match will be on Tuesday evening with Spain.

A special match for you?

– I just play Spanish football every day, so it will be great to face them.

You'll have 20-minute jumps at your disposal for both the club and national teams. Is playing this way unique?

– Of course. You don't fight for it. You prefer to start matches instead of jumping.

Janne praised you at a press conference, but also said you were a "super-deputy." I think it's a label you don't want to have?

– Yes, you prefer not. But when you start on the bench, you have to make sure you are doing well when you walk in and I think I succeeded, says Alexander Isak.

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