Barack Obama calls a lie to Donald Trumps's rhetoric


Barack Obama accused the republics of Friday and Donald Trump of trying to convince voters that he and the party suddenly cherished people suffering from chronic illness "when they left the health care reform."

Obama followed that Obamacare and Donald Trump, which he repeatedly called for.

– Call the right name, that's a lie. They lied to you, said Obama in his speech in Miami on Friday.

Donald Trump has been telling hundreds of times over the past few weeks how much he cares about people with chronic illnesses.

"We will always protect you," he said at the beginning of October at the Philadelphia vote.

In fact, that Donald Trump promised that insurance companies would pay more for those who are struggling with diseases such as asthma, diabetes or cancer, rather than obamacare, forcing them to treat everyone equally, writes Washington Post.

The question of chronic illness management is the most important question of mid-term choice, 14 percent of US voters, writes Vox.

In his speech in Miami, Obama warned Donald Trump of exercising his power when the former president called a "divisional policy".

"I hope we can penetrate the lies, exclude noises, and remember that we are actually," Obama said.

Barack Obama called Donald Trump with the threat of sending 15,000 troops to the Mexican border to stop the 1,500 people heading to the United States as a "political zsipost".

"This is an old trick. This is what the huge and privileged people take when they lose control.

Obama quenched the several times the demonstrators, and in the end asked them:

– How are those who have always won the last election so angry?

He went on during the day Donald Trump returns to the attack on the media, often called the "enemy of the people". This time he accused the media of being the direct cause of leafbombs in the United States, the gunman of the Pittsburgh Synagogue and similar violence in recent weeks.

– It raises violence. You do not write the truth. If the media wrote the truth, we would suffer significantly less violence in the country, Trump said at a brief press conference Friday.

The description, written by Republican Senator Jeff Flake, received the President's famous critic:

– That's just bad. It does not do anything to reduce violence. Pointing to the media, this is simply bad, Flake said in a CNN interview.

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