Bert on criticizing Hitler's parables


It was in an interview with News24 on Friday that Skaraprofilen and the former Democracy politician, Bert Karlsson, said:

– Hitler's persecution in different periods of his time is the same today. Then there were Jews, today is SD.

Bert Karlsson later apologized to his post on his Facebook page, Berts World, referring to his statement that SD had been abused by other political parties.

"It was a bit difficult, but it depends on how you read the wording," the Skaraborg County newspaper said on Monday.

The quote about the similarity of Jews and Hitler was sharply criticized, among others from the language hands of the environmental party Gustav Fridolin and the leader of the Liberal Party, Jan Björklund.

Bert Karlsson does not attach much importance to criticism and thinks that they are in the process of blocking a democratic conversation. He believes that the other seven parliamentary parties should hear the SD and respect that about one million Swedes voted over the party.

– They were told they were racists, Nazis and fascists. Should I be a million Swedes? The remaining parties must start talking about business policy with SD, says Bert Karlsson to SkLT.

Read the full article about Skaraborg County Journal here.


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