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Best in the test: the expert tries to cool the face fog

Let Mist, Purr

Golden thirst

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Finely shredded spray mist with a skin care mixture of ginseng, vitamins and glycerine. The fog dries quickly, makes the makeup look better and gives the skin a beautiful glow of light. It is assumed that you shake the bottle so that the face does not fill up with golden parts. Summer and nice packaging.

Superfood tea of ​​kefir fog, Elemis

Healthy moisturizing

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Spawning face mist that not only moisturizes, but also supposedly provides nourishing nutrition with ingredients such as coconut water, aloe vera and fermented kefir milk. Shower with a mixture of finely dispersed and slightly larger particles, the mist is deposited on the skin, which is moisturized.

Re-fresh Beauty mist, My Clarins

Fragrant vegan

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It gives the skin a nice shine, but the refreshing and cool feeling disappears too quickly. It has a nice discreet floral fragrance and spray function with the right pressure. Contains moisturizing and strengthening coconut water, fig extract and alpro.

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Create your own mist!

Because many losers have reusable packaging, they can be topped up with their own mist after purchasing in the warehouse. Ingredients that can be used are: green tea, aloe, lavender, coconut water.

Here is an example of a fog that you can do yourself. Store in a refrigerator


1 glass of boiled water

1 green tea bag

1/2 cucumbers (sliced)

1/2 lemon

Here's how to do it:

1. Grate the cucumber and strain the shovel, squeeze the lemon.

2. Soak a bag of water and let it soak for five minutes. Squeeze the tea bag in water and let it cool. Mix cucumber and lemon liquid and pour into a spray bottle.

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