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Constipation and difficult to go to the toilet? Then read it

Hard stomachs probably had the most in the past.
Typically, problems end – but sometimes the stomach needs little pressure in the right direction.
Here are three tips that can help.

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For those who have stomach problems, a visit to the toilet can be a sad experience. Even if you are "needy", it comes – nothing. Instead, you feel abdominal pain or feel tired. If the problems persist for a long time and the pain becomes large without emptying the intestine, obviously you should ask your doctor, but some problems do not have an immediate explanation.

The most common reasons

The digestive system has long been interested in researchers, and more recently new discoveries have been made. One of them is the way in which intestinal bacterial flora affects both digestion and the overall bowel state. Depending on how the bacterial flora is composed, it can affect the sensation and behavior of the stomach. Imbalance of the intestinal flora can therefore cause a severe stomach. Other causes include low-fiber foods, sedentary lifestyle, irregular toilet habits and low liquid intake.

Positive effect of salmon peptides

The balance of the intestinal flora positively influences the functions of the body and can help us avoid sharp stomachs. Stable gut takes nutrients in a more effective way, and thus digestion takes on a positive effect. Even an active lifestyle makes the intestines happy – this is because the intestine does not move, but it needs body movements.
In Norway, it was also observed that Peptide + (see frame of facts) has a positive effect on the functioning of the stomach and intestines. Peptide + contains salmon peptides, probiotic Bacillus coagulans, curcuma and B vitamins that provide the necessary food intestinal flora.

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Then you can help the stomach and intestines

1) Make sure you have a diet rich in fiber, keep an active lifestyle and supplement your diet supplement such as Peptide +.
Work to get "good" toilet habits. If you ignore a visit to the toilet, although you must go, it disturbs the natural rhythm of the intestine.
3) Drink it thoroughly every day. It means that what you put in your body better "slides" in the stomach and intestines.

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This is Peptide +

– Peptid + is a unique dietary supplement containing clean and safe ingredients that have been thoroughly tested and based on research.
– Made only from Norwegian salmon of the highest quality.
– The main components of Peptide + are salmon peptides and Bacillus coagulans. Peptides are cleaved fish proteins that have been recovered (hydrolysed) from fish protein.
– Has a positive effect on the stomach, intestines and digestion. Other positive effects include weight control and muscle building properties.

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