Diablo Immortal Only the beginning? Blizzard has big plans for mobile games


Blizzcon advertisement Diablo Immortal met by a critical storm. Blizzard certainly welcomes the critics Diabloprojects are underway, but they are also pouring gasoline on enemies of hell when Allen Adham, one of the founders of Blizzard, tells Digital Trends about more mobile plans.

See it as a promise or threat, but all Blizzard's favorite series are in the mobile tube.

Jeg kan säga, uten å bli over specified, for vi har-planer for mobilområdet. Det er et stort initiativ for oss over Blizzard, og du kan forvente at se flere mobile titler fra oss spænder alle vores IPs på et tidspunkt i fremtiden.

It was like that Hearthstone who has become the opener of the eyes, says Adham. It was done for the computer, but from the "happy occasion" it turned out that it works great on mobile formats. So count on it Warcraft. Starcraft. Overwatch and so on in your pocket sometime in the future. Adham also believes that many critics can change when they can play Diablo Immortal.

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