Great campaign for the flu year – News Norrköping


We are now in November, which means that the flu is at the entrance. The flu shot in Norrköping begins tomorrow.

Each year influenza is called seasonal flu. The risk of infection is greater in the rooms than outside because the infection is faster in the open air. The infection usually spreads on buses, kindergartens and schools, as well as at workplaces.

Among people over 65, chronically ill and suffering from heart disease, are at risk groups who are at greater risk of getting seriously ill with flu. The Östergötland region offers everyone who belongs to any vaccine that is free of risk.

The flu itself is rarely serious. On the other hand, there may be various complications. It's primarily those who belong to the risk group who can become seriously ill.

Symptoms may be similar to other diseases such as high fever, cough and colds.

In most cases, the trouble goes by itself. However, if a patient develops a high fever that persists after four days and the high fever has dropped and then begins to rise again, it is necessary to seek medical attention.

This year, the Östergötland Region has made considerable efforts to those involved in risk groups.

"This year, we managed to coordinate all our health care centers during the vaccination period.For week 45, 46 and 47, from 13 to 16 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we offer people aged 65 or over the possibility of vaccinating. times more than before – says Britt Åkerlind, an infectious painter in the Östergötland region.

Those included in other risk groups receive a different solution.

– Persons belonging to other risk groups and treated as part of basic health care go to a health center. Persons going to specialist doctors should first go there for vaccination. But if you have trouble finding time with a specialist, contact a health center – says Britt Åkerlind.


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