Jens Møller solved Kim Killing's murder – a book was fired


Jens Møller Jensen led the police to the spectacular investigation of the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

In this work, he appeared as an extremely effective police officer who removed the case with clear guidelines and fonts.

Many experts, including the Swedes, were surprised at what the Danish police did.

Jens Møller Jensen appeared at a number of press conferences and answered questions from journalists. Murder investigations attracted media from all over the world to Denmark.

Greps directly

As far as Peter Madsen's submarine builder was concerned, he was arrested as he left his feet on the ground, and after a few weeks, the Danish police chief could tell the collective journalist that the murder was a solution.

Then the police found the body of Kim Walls who landed on the southwest side of Amager Island.

Shortly afterwards, the Swedish police with similar dogs found the remaining parts of the body in Öresund.

Peter Madsen.


Peter Madsen's submarine builder was later sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

At the same time Jens Møller Jensen sat at the desk and left his last hand in his own book on the submarine.

The book is called the "Clearly-The Own Story of Leaders of Murder" and describes the whole sequence of events from the point of view of the police.

This brochure took place last week.

Out with the job

Immediately after that, Møller Jensen was deprived of the head of the Police Murder Committee.

In the Danish Politiken newsletter, the police confirm that the reason is the publication of the current book.

In addition, the police officer was informed of the police officer's disciplinary committee, for breach of the confidentiality rules.

As long as the investigation is in progress, Jens Møller Jensen will not work in the area now under review, police report in Politiken's message.

At the moment it is unclear whether the leader of the murder can return to his job.

According to the anonymous sources of the police, as Politiken spoke, they talk about the deterioration.


However, many colleagues from Møller Jensen are very dissatisfied with the fact that their boss wrote a book about the submarine murder.

Many people also think that the killer boss has had too much privilege to resolve the matter – when he actually did a teamwork.

Jens Møller Jensen has not received any comments yet.

When politics asked him last week whether he would have gone too far to his book, he replied:

"They will certainly criticize what I did. But I sincerely hope that I did not say anything in the book that I can not stand it.

– I will answer any other breach of my secrecy.


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