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Although the municipalities in Skåne should keep track of the amount of garbage that comes out of paper containers, and thereby risk getting into the watercourses and the sea, only eight municipalities know how large this amount is. It shows Keep rent in Sweden annual commune council.

"The plastic litter fills our seas and is one of today's worst ecological disasters." To reduce the burden, we need to know where the trash is and where they come from. Now the municipalities need to know more about the litter, for example measuring a litter, Johanna Ragnartz, CEO Hold Sweden Clean.

IN Skåne 12 out of 24 municipalities that responded to the Hold Sverige Rent survey indicate that they have goals and actions. 8 municipalities have only activities, and two have designated goals. 7 calculated the costs of scrapping borne by the commune and taxpayers. 8 of those who responded met with disaster.

"Working to prevent littering can also reduce municipal costs, scrapping in Sweden costs around two billion euros a year, and money can go to more," says Johanna Ragnartz.


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