Markus Rosenberg goes to Hammarby and Häcken



Gothenburg. Malmö FF won in Gothenburg and did not lose hope for a new ticket for the European Cup matches.

Before making a decision, Mark Rosenberg sends a passport to Hammarby and indicates that the team has a difficult away match in the final round.

"We count for the third place," says the star.

Malmö FF came to Göteborg with the knowledge that the club needed to win in order to get a new round with the European Cup matches.

3-0 against Blåvitt ensured that everything was decided in the final round.

But the third place took the IFF shortly after Hammarby defeated Häcken later on Sunday evening.

However, the match for the third place, like the golden one, will be settled in the final round.

Before the decision, Markus Rosenberg fought the WRF, because Hammarby had a difficult trip from Östersund.

"We count for the third place," says the star.

Malmö FF plays at home with Elfsborg – who has nothing to play – in the last match. In turn, Hammarby plays against Östersund. The hedge meets at home with the IFK Norrköping gold winner and, at best, can reach fourth.

You want drama to survive

Markus Rosenberg said after the victory over IFK Gothenburg that he did not even think about what the missing international cup game would mean for the club.

– I did not think about this idea. As long as there is such a possibility, I do not think about negative thoughts, he says.

However, midfielder Sören Rieks thinks it would be difficult for the WRF to miss this opportunity.

"This is very important, now we know what it means to play in Europe and we are happy that we can do it again next year," he says.

"Is it certainly yellow"

Sören Rieks scored one goal against IFK Gothenburg, Markus Rosenberg took a penalty, 3-0.

Markus Rosenberg was also warned about a match between IFK Göteborg goalkeeper Erik Dahlin in the second half and 0-0. A red card can affect the image of the match in a different direction.

That's what Markus Rosenberg commented on.

– Certainly yellow. But it takes time to stop, it is not easy to stop this body.

He pointed to two possible penalties for the WRF in the first half, when Sören Rieks appeared in a duel with IFK's keeper and when he appeared behind Carl Starfelt who used his hand.

"You can ask if Sören (Rieks) will be punished when he is cut down." Then there was a hand, "said Rosenberg, who was pleased with the development of the game.

"We were patient in our game," he says.


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