Petra Einarsson is this year's Router Lady – News


"Petra Einarsson has a huge mission to run the company in the right direction and create lasting values ​​for the future, focusing on strong-value leadership, and introducing a decentralized organization with a clear customer focus and profitability and a more equal management team. She also went to the Ruter Dam program in 2004 and is a mentor with us, we are proud of that – said Marika Lundsten, CEO of Ruter Dam, in a press release.

Petra Einarsson took over the role of CEO and CEO Billerud Korsnäs this year and then replaced Per Lindberg for twelve years. She was in front of the head of the Sandvik materials technology department.

In 2013, Petra Einarsson received the title of the most influential woman this year from Veckans Affärer.

Router Dam was first awarded in 1990, when women were rare. Today, however, there are more women in heavy management positions. Susanne Ehnbåge, President and CEO of Netonnetu, was honored last year.


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