Wednesday , February 26 2020
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The influenza vaccine ends – Pages

From November 6, residents of the East are able to vaccinate against influenza. This year, all healthcare centers received a reception for vaccinations open a few days a week. But now the county council is warning that the vaccine will end, even though everyone who wants to get vaccinated has not. The vaccine delivery company is not considered when the demand has increased more than expected.

"That's because we advise risk groups and our employees to vaccinate and we need to estimate how much we need before we place orders for a vaccine." This year it took us a lot more than we expected, "said Britt Åkerlind.

How serious is the situation in Östergötland? Can the vaccine end soon?

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"It's just as serious in the whole country and it's not better in Östergötland than anywhere else." It's unclear when we can get new doses, but it will be new.

According to Britt Åkerlind, the situation is still not "black" despite its seriousness.

– Until now, we only had a few cases of influenza. However, there is plenty of time for anyone who wants and needs to be vaccinated, will do it. New doses should come.

Risk groups that can be vaccinated for free are those over the age of 65, pregnant after the 16th week and adults and children from six months with certain diseases. However, the cost of vaccinating people from outside the risk group is 300 kilograms.

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