The murder attempt in Virserum – one in the hospital that caused injury


More people should have been involved in the noise, but when the police arrived at the scene, there were no suspects. However, a man who knocked injured in the incident.

Initially, it was unclear how extensive human injury was involved. They were taken to a hospital in an ambulance and the police will hear it as soon as possible. The event is considered an assassination attempt.

"Many patrols are currently working on this and we are still collecting information," said Åsa Emanuelsson, head of the police.

Checks and locks

The police operate on the grounds that the Strandvägen / Storgatan intersection is a crime and blocks the area. According to the police, traffic on the 23rd road is also affected by the event checks.

"No one was arrested and the police carried out checks on people in the neighborhood," said Åsa Emanuelsson.


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