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A Porsche Cayman with electric drive should have 400 hp

It is already known that the upcoming versions of Boxster and Cayman will receive exclusively electric drive. This was announced a few months ago by Lutz Meschke, Porsche's deputy CEO, in an interview with Top Gear, In a new report says it now CAR magazinethat two 2023 electric sports cars will have 400 hp.

According to information from British cars, the cars receive two electric motors with a total power of 400 hp, which would increase their performance between GTS and Spyder / GT4. You get an aluminum monocoque and should be available except for all-wheel drive with rear-wheel drive (then probably with an electric motor).

According to the report, the new duo will share the technology with Audi TTE and the planned revival of Lamborghini Urraco. The original sold in 1972–1979 was a 2 + 2-seater coupe with a V8 engine and the Marcello Gandini design.

loud CAR magazine Rimac, a specialist in electric cars, is to be involved in the development of zero-emission sports cars; Porsche recently increased its stake in the Croatian company to 15.5 percent. According to Top Gear Electric-Macan Premium Platform Electric (PPE) can also serve as the basis for an electric Boxster and Cayman. Top Gear also believes that new electric athletes will not mark the end of the conventionally powered versions. The magazine says that there may be a period of two to three years in which both variants of the models coexist peacefully.

Until then, Porsche is still busy with the current 718 Cayman: Zuffenhausen announced the release of the hardcore version of the GT4 RS.

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