Agoni developers are announcing a new game of horror Paranoid


The first game of Madmind Studios Agony really did not like us, but the developers dare to take the second attempt despite the huge criticism. In the new Paranoid game we assume the role of Patrick Calman, whose life is a single tragedy. His parents died violently, his sister disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and the flat in which he now lives has become a self-proclaimed prison. When suddenly Miss Patrick's sister calls and tells him that he is going to him, we face the challenge of leaving the house. As the title of the game suggests, it turns out to be much more difficult than expected.

Paranoid does not have a release date yet, but should be transferred by Steam to a PC. According to Madmind Studio, her next game will be a dynamic and brutal combat system and a multi-threaded story. The challenges we end up during the story should therefore determine what result we will achieve. Short clips for the game can be found below, you will get a wide impression on Youtube. However, we would like to warn you of the moments of terror, blinding lights and violence.



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