Already 300 people in eastern Congo have ebola


In Eastern Congo, 300 people have already contracted a life-threatening Ebola virus. So far, 186 people have died as a result of this disease, and 88 can be cured, as the Congolese Ministry of Health said late in the evening on Monday.

Of the 300 cases, the Ebola virus was clearly detected in the laboratory in 265 cases. So from the beginning of August, around 26,000 people have received a promising experimental vaccine against Ebola to stop the epidemic.

The recent outbreak of dangerous hemorrhagic fever is concentrated on the city of Beni and its surroundings in the difficult province of North Kivu. Several groups of fighters and rebels are active, making it difficult for helpers to quickly visit patients, isolate and contact relatives. There is also resistance to vaccination – which is characterized by a deep lack of trust in the government – resistance.

The Ebola virus is one of the most dangerous pathogens in the world. During the epidemic in 2014/2015, over 11,000 people died in West Africa. Infected people can easily carry the virus.

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