Axl Rose: The musician deals with Trump


Rihanna (30) and frontman Guns N & # 39; Roses Axl Rose (56) are against US president Donald Trump (72)
used during political events. Two stars commented independently on Twitter on Sunday.


Rihanna was informed by Philip Rucker of NBC News that Trump's song "Do not Stop the Music" was used at the party. The journalist wrote on Twitter about the presidential performance in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Apparently it was a thirty-year-old hit. The singer replied"Not for long … I or my people would never appear in one of these tragic rallies, so thank you for the information, Philip!"

Axl Rose

Even Axl Rose is not happy that Trump plays songs Guns N & # 39; Roses like "Sweet Child O" Mine "during political events. In a series of tweets he accused the president of using "gaps" to avoid getting permission from the songwriters.

"GNR, like many other artists, opposed the unauthorized use of their music during political events," wrote the singer. They asked their music not to be played at Trump events or events that support Trump, he wrote on Twitter. "Unfortunately, Trump's people exploit the gaps in the licenses of individual objects that are not intended for such blatant political purposes."

Rose added: "Personally, I like the irony of Trump's supporters who listen to Anti-Trump songs during their events, but I can not imagine that many of them really understand it or have it taken care of." The team had the impression, Rose said, they must take a stand.

Basically everyone can hear their music, the singer continues, you can not choose your fans. His personal opinion, however, is that Trump's government is pitying on this country. If people do not wake up and do not finish this nonsense, after a while everyone has to pay high bills, the artist is sure.

Pharrell Williams
and what.

Before Rihanna's tweets and Axla Rose Trump's had a problem with Pharrell Williams (45). The hip-hop star even sent him a warning through his attorney, The Hollywood Reporter. Reason: Trump just a few hours after shooting eleven people in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, appeared at the party to the sound of the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. Without the permission of the star – and his feelings without a sense of filial piety.

Williams banned Trump from continuing to use any of his songs for future performances, otherwise he would initiate steps in relation to copyright and trademark infringement, it continues. Other well-known musicians such as Steven Tyler (70) Aerosmith, R.E.M. and the other members of the Queen group have already forbidden the president to use their music for their own purposes without asking.


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