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Covid 19 infection: Crown and intelligence – is brain performance dropping?

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Crown and Intelligence – Is Brain Performance Declining?

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“It would cause tens of thousands of deaths”

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach believes that current measures to contain the corona pandemic are insufficient. In an interview with WELT, he advocates a more significant limitation of personal contacts.

The consequences of Covid 19 infection may be more severe than you think. There is even a threat of mental decline, warns SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach. He cites a study by British scientists.

downOrona’s meeting with intensive care beds is “naive,” Karl Lauterbach said on Wednesday night in the ZDF program “Markus Lanz”. The SPD politician once again warned against underestimating the medical consequences of the virus. During this performance, he referred to the mental decline and loss of intelligence following Covid 19 infection. “It’s a virus that attacks the brain particularly quickly,” Lauterbach told the show.

As before on Twitter, he cites a research study from London in which neuroscientists studied the intelligence of Covid 19 patients before and after infection. For Lauterbach, this analysis provides evidence that brain performance can be significantly reduced following infection with a new type of coronavirus. It found that people with severe illness had IQ decreased by 8.5 points from before the infection – meaning the brain is aging by ten years, Lauterbach said.

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The “study” he cites is a so-called preprint, that is, a scientific study that has not yet been validated by experts and therefore should not serve as a medical guide.

A group of psychiatrists, led by physician Adam Hampshire of Imperial College London, examined approximately 85,000 people for their intelligence development as they grew older – initially there was no corona linkage. However, as the virus spread, dementia researchers focused on people infected with Covid-19 in May 2020, and examined whether the IQ had changed compared to the period before infection.

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October 21, 2020, Belgium, Liège: Medical staff work in the intensive care unit for coronavirus patients at CHR Citadelle Hospital.  As hospitals in Belgium become increasingly overcrowded, authorities fear an increasing number of coronavirus cases in nursing homes.  Photo: Francisco Seco / AP / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

To do this, the researchers used the classic intelligence test on a British test group across all age groups. This allows you to determine how well your brain can perform tasks such as remembering words. These tests can also measure brain performance in diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and doctors can use them to assess the extent of brain disorders.

According to the group, the study shows that people showed “significant cognitive deficits” after being infected with Covid 19, even with milder courses. They were very high in patients admitted to the hospital, but still clearly measurable in mild and asymptomatic cases. Those who were on a ventilator lost 8.5 IQ points.

The long-term consequences are unclear

However, it is unclear from the study whether the patient’s cognitive impairment was due to the virus itself or to the overall exposure to ventilation under anesthesia. Experts also doubt the informative value of this study for other reasons. The results said nothing about whether the observed damage was permanent.

According to the news channel n-tv, professor of neurology Joanna Wardlaw of the University of Edinburgh advises caution when handling the findings: “The cognitive function of participants prior to Covid is unknown, and the results do not reflect long-term recovery. Therefore, the impact on brain processes can be short-lived. ‘

How the new coronavirus, which is biologically the Sars virus, will affect human health in the long term, is still largely unknown. An autopsy of dead Covid 19 showed that Sars viruses multiplied directly in the nerve cells of the cerebral cortex. Doctors warn that this could cause neurological and cognitive problems in survivors.

Damage to other organs, such as the liver or kidneys, has been seen repeatedly, but it remains questionable whether this was due to prior disease or a virus. Many infected people also have heart problems, but it is also unclear if other diseases go away and how long they last.

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