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Demonstration against the speech Blocher does not come to the room – News Zurich: Region

The canton police are in place with a large number of people, after the appropriate online demo platforms with the title «Blocher hau ab! Uster remains in solidarity »was appointed. After 19.00 about 150 people gathered in front of the station, later they wanted to move to the center of Stadthofsaal. There, from 20.00, former Federal Councilor Christoph Blocher will give a lecture entitled "General Strike 100 Years". Thanks to the people, authorities and soldiers ».

For demonstrators, this is an affront: "Anyone who abuses the history of a state strike for right-wing propaganda must face resistance," they write in a press release. The state strike was a class struggle from below.

Before about 150 people managed to pull a banner to Stadthofsaal, for now the protest was stopped by the police. Demonstration is illegal. However, the assembly has not been resolved.

Later, the demonstrators continued to set in motion and marched towards the center, in the company of the police. The movement was finally stopped before the already closed Stadthofsaal. The protesters then withdrew.


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