Tuesday , June 15 2021

Handball players Ottmar captures the second place: without a flash

Four days after the gala speech against Schaffhausen, St. Otmar won the ninth round of the NLA against Basel's sovereign from 28:23.

Fritz Bischoff, St. Gallen

In orbit Ottmar, Tobias Wetzel (yellow), you can count on the front and back (photo: Ralph Ribi)

In cycle Ottmar Tobias Wetzel (yellow) you can rely on the front and back.
(Photo: Ralph Ribi)

"Certainly it was not a class game that could not be expected after the fourth light fatigue still in existence, but we also had good stages and scenes that are very positive," said Frédéric Wüstner. Vorarlberger was together with Tobias Wetzel once again the dominant defensive fortress in the center of St.Gallen. Piercing is always a big problem for opponents. "We train coordination and contracts over and over again to create harmony" – betters Wetzel. Both have learned in recent months not only athletically, but also appreciate people. "Frédéric is a very sociable type," says Wetzel, and Wüstner adds: "he developed a real friendship." The whole team, especially goalkeeper Aurel Bringolf, benefits from this good understanding. With 22 balls and scored goal, his performance was great again. "Aurel can fully rely on us, which makes us strong," reveals Wüstner strategy strategist.

An occasional sprint is enough for a quick decision

From the point of defense of the game a solid defensive against Basel was necessary, because the offensive lacked some ease and dynamics. In addition, the error rate was too high. This stopped the flow of the game and made it uncertain that people in Basel could use it repeatedly. They left the game fully open to 5: 5. Then St.Gallen moved in a short time to 10: 5. They managed it easily in the rest of the game to the end, because the guests were for the real possibilities of the hosts is not a real gauge. During the match, it became clear that St.Omaris is struggling with concentration and attitude towards weaker opponents and he is not going to do anything for the difference in goals. For the best teams it can be much more optimally determine its capabilities, and thus St.Galler is in second place with Leader Schaffhausen.

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