Helene Fischer: German hit raises the "Forbes" list


Although "not as well known" as her "American compatriots", Fischer earns more than most "divas in the States," Forbes said in a report published on Monday. Most of her income comes from her "phenomenally successful" route, which began in the autumn of 2017, where she earned "seven-digit amounts" for one concert.

Fischer ranks eighth on the list, just behind him, with Britney Spears's $ 31 million revenues and $ 30 million, Canada's Celine Dion. The first seven places are entirely in the hands of international mapers from the United States: Just before Fischer is Rihanna (USD 37.5 million), Katy Perry with income of USD 83 million (72 million),

Helene Fischer on stage

APA / Sebastian Willnow

"Breathless through the night": With their songs, Fischer has been on the charts for years

Katy Perry before Taylor Swift and Beyonce

Perry dropped Beyonce in advance. First of all, 80 performances on the "Świadek" tour contributed to their placement. Incidentally, she also appeared on the American Idol television show as a juror, according to "Forbes" she reportedly brought the remaining $ 20 million.

Perry this year is Taylor Swift, who kept the list in 2016. However, it is expected that their revenues will increase sharply in the coming months, because they have just released the best-selling album of the year, releasing their latest album "Reputation" – the right route is already planned.

The list includes receipts for June

"Forbes" estimates wages from June 2017 to June 2018, For example based on data from the Nielsen media company. Also their own estimates follow according to Forbes in the ranking. Remuneration for management and legal aid are not included in the amounts.

Pulled to Germany in the late eighties

A 34-year-old female fisherwoman was born in Siberia, and in the late 1980s she moved to Germany with her parents. She completed her internship as a musician. With her album "Für ein Tag" from 2011, she has already achieved the second place in Ö3 Austria Top40. In 2013, the album "Farbenspiel" came with a catchy melody "Breathless through the Night" – the album was still on local lists until October this year.

Fischer also made a few political statements: "We can not and can not hide what is happening in our country today, but fortunately we can also see how consistent it is at the same time – it should make us proud," he said in September related to the events in German Chemnitz. In her post she used the hashtag "#wirsindmehr", which became known thanks to Chemnitzer Konzert gegen Rechts.


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