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National League: ECC Hofmann's top scorer is ZSC alone

Zug's best scorer, Grégory Hofmann, was unstoppable today. Photo: KEYSTONE

Hofmann's incredible performance in Hallenstadion – this time neglected SCB

EHC Biel expands its advantage at the top of the league table. Maritime countries win Genève-Servette 6: 3 and celebrate their fourth consecutive victory. SCB for the fourth time in a row loses the lead after two goals, but still wins.

Lions ZSC – Train 3: 4

In the seventh game at home ZSC Lions for the first time as a loser from ice. Goalkeeper Zuga Leonardo Genoni and top scorer Grégory Hofmann were too strong in a 3: 4 ratio.

In an intense and high-class fight between the two "Z" it was decided to be more effective in favor of guests from central Switzerland. On the one hand, the wave of attacks by the goalkeeper Genoni stopped the wave of attack in Zurich, on the other hand the top scorer Zuger PostFinance is currently surfing the wave of success.

With three goals and assistance, Bern-Jurassier almost individually killed the lions. The decisive turn came at the end of the second third. In the 36th and 38th minute, the Swede Carl Klingberg Hofmann twice released an exemplary example and more than gave a deserved 1-0 advantage to Maxim Noreau over.

Residents of Zurich will also face a lack of competition luck. After Dennis Hollenstein equalized in the final third position – as Noreau in powerplay mode – Dario Simion could return and also surpass Zuger's renewed leadership. In captain Raphael's view, Diaz broke the stick, but the disc was unexpectedly the perfect template for Simion.

Hofmann continued to increase to 4: 2, and when Genoni after 29 saves, but once caught and Pius Suter shortened to 3: 4, there were only 43 seconds to play. Not enough for another return.

ZSC Grönborg coach has no joy. Photo: KEYSTONE

Bern – Davos 4: 3 n.P.

24 hours after Friday's defeat at Rapperswil (4: 5 defeat against the Lakers after a 4: 1 lead) SC Bern also brought Davos 3: 1. Eventually Bern won a penalty kick.

Master Bern is struggling with the same problem as the national team. He lost too many goals at the finish line and lost many points. In the last four matches Berner has played everyone in the final section Leaders: Against Langnau a 3-1, against ZSC Lions a 2-1, against Rapperswil-Jon a 4-2 and on Saturday against Bernie 3-1. There were defeats against the ZSC Lions and Lakers; eventually Bern won overtime in extra time against SCL Tigers.

But: the fact that Bern once again lost a comfortable advantage after the fiasco against the Lakers, surprised greatly. As in Rapperswil, Schlendrian found himself in the Berne ranks. Andrew Ebbett scored three fouls with a score of 3: 1; from the third Davoser Powerplay ended the 55th minute of Benjamin Baumgartner's first goal. Without a goal Perttu Lindgren equalized in the 59th minute. In extra time, Davos was close to victory because Ebbett again had to serve a two-minute penalty.

In the penalty shootout, Bern eventually won 2: 1 after a 1: 0 deficit. Defenders Calle Andersson and Ramon Untersander met. Earlier, Bern lost the European Cup four times in a penalty shootout and scored only one goal this season.

SCB is a game that is not completely out of control this time. Photo: KEYSTONE

AMBRI – SCRJ Lakers 4: 2

Ambri-Piotta won an important bar duel with Rapperswil-Jon Lakers 4: 2. Dominic Zwerger and Matt D & # 39; Agostini scored a goal in powerplay twice.

24 hours after Rapperswil-Jon caught up with a deficit of three goals in the match against SC Bern, Leventin did not happen really long. After only 19 seconds, Kevin Clark took the penalty, Dominic Zwerger immediately got used to early leadership. Vorarlberger is Ambri's first player this season to score four goals.

The alleged preliminary decision was then made in the middle third by Joël Neuenschwander and Matt D & # 39; Agostini, who struck again 24 seconds before the second break in Clark's expulsion. For 20-year-old Neuenschwander with his own offspring it was the first hit of the ninth match of the National League.

Like the previous night, when they managed to beat Bern three times at home in a winning match, the Lakers never joined and re-appeared on the zoom 2: 3. However, D & # 39; Agostini meant everything thanks to his second goal in the distance just three minutes.

Ambri coped with the much needed response to the 1: 5 fight in Zug. Only minus: after difficult control, the gang had to leave the ice Zwerger. The defeat of the Austrians would be difficult for Ticino.

Ambri has no problems with the Lakers. Photo: KEYSTONE

White – Servette 6: 3

EHC Biel successfully defended the championship lead on Friday. Seeländer won the best match against Servette 6: 3 after an early deficit.

Not only because of wins in Freiburg and at home against Servette within 24 hours, this week will be remembered at EHC Biel. Current topic number 1 on the Zealand is the performance explosion of Austrian Peter Schneider. The 28-year-old did not even reach AHL in North America from the East Coast Hockey League. And in the first 12 league matches with Biel Schneider only one goal was scored.

But on Tuesday in the European Cup against Klagenfurt (4 goals) and on Saturday against Servette (first hat-trick in the National League) for the first time he saw Bieler as a shooter, thanks to whom he brought tailors to Switzerland.

Schneider scored the first part of the landmark goals from 0: 1 to 2: 1 after Noah Rod led to Geneva at an early stage. Hat-trick ended Schneider in the 45th minute with a winning 5: 1. It was only at the finish in Geneva that it was possible from 1: 6 to 3: 6 to still get cosmetics.

Biel presents himself against Servette in the best moods. Photo: KEYSTONE

Lugano – Friborg 1: 4

Friborg-Gottéron celebrated a surprising 4-1 victory in Lugano. Ticino's really strong form has failed on all levels.

The dragon is still alive: Friborg-Gottéron celebrated his third victory in the ninth season of Resega – and he deserved it. First, the Freiburg people managed to impose greater intensity on ice and act more effectively than the opponent.

Provisional, supervised by sporting director Christian Dubé Gottéron, he early overtook Lukas Lhotak's first goal in leading the season, as well as Luca Fazzini, who met for the eighth time without undermining this concept. Even before the end of the first third, Matthias Rossi responded with renewed leadership.

In the middle, American Freiburg defender Ryan Gunderson increased the power of the game to 3: 1. For him it was the first goal in the National League. Although Lugano was a better team visually, Bianconeri, who had previously won four of the last five games, was close to a return.

The Friborg rear light has thus won a second victory in the third match since the release of coach Mark French. Nevertheless, a new bus is expected to be presented next week.

Friborg is finally putting Lugano in crisis. Photo: KEYSTONE

SCL Tigers – Lausanne 1: 3

Only two wins from the last nine games: SCL Tigers are still fighting – although in the lost home match against Lausanne 1: 3 this time no defensive showed the way to defeat.

Langnau failed against Lausanne above all in the goal of Lausanne Luca Boltshauser. Boltshauser paired 37 of 38 shots and scored the first victory in this championship with the LHC. The millimeter decision meant that Boltshauser was cut off from his niece, because in Chris DiDomenico's equalizer to 1: 1 in the 26th minute also TV images were not able to clearly determine whether DiDomenico did not run before the puck in the attack zone. Langnauer's only goal that evening was that the liners decided to go "no offside" live.

DiDomenico in the lion's den:

Langnau dominated and controlled the game in sequence (38:23 shots on goal). The decision was made at the finish, but against Emmentaler: Dustin Jeffrey brought Lozana in the 57th minute with the deflector in the lead. And Christoph Bertschy placed 37.6 seconds before the end, scoring an empty goal to 3: 1 for victory in Lausanne.

SCL Tigers admit their unnecessary defeat with Lausanne. Photo: KEYSTONE


ZSC Lions – Turn 3: 4 (1: 0, 0: 2, 2: 2)
9240 spectators. – SR Wiegand / Mollard, Kovacs / Schlegel.
goals: 13. Noreau (Suter / Exclusion Thiry) 1: 0. 36. Hofmann (Klingberg) 1: 1. 38. Hofmann (Klingberg) 1: 2. 46. Hollenstein (Wick, Bodenmann / exclusion Diaz) 2: 2. 48. Simion (Diaz, Hofmann / foreclosure Chris Baltisberger) 2: 3. 54. Hofmann (Klingberg) 2: 4. 60. (59:17) Suter (Fredriksson) 3: 4 (without goalkeeper).
penalties: 2 times 2 minutes against ZSC, 3 times 2 minutes against Zug.
PostFinance best scorer: Roe; Hofmann.
ZSC lions: Flüeler; Noreau, Marti; Phil Baltisberger, Geering; Trutmann, Berni; Blindenbacher; Suter, Roe, Wick; Bodenmann, Kruger, Hollenstein; Pettersson, Prassl, Diem; Chris Baltisberger, Schapi, Pedretti.
train: Genoni; Diaz, Stadler; Thiry, Alatalo; Smurf, Morant; Zryd; Klingberg, Kovar, Hofmann; Simion, Lindberg, Bachofner; Leuenberger, McIntyre, Zehnder; Langenegger, Albrecht, Volejnicek.
Comments: ZSC Lions without Nilsson (injured) and Ortio (surplus foreigner), train without Kristensen, Schnyder, Senteler, Zgraggen, Thorell (all injured) and Martschini (sick). Post Shot Simion (22.). ZSC time limit (58.); Train (31st). ZSC from 57:17 without a goalkeeper.

Bern – Davos 4: 3 (2: 1, 1: 0, 0: 2, 0: 0) n.P.
16,945 spectators (season record). – SR Hebeisen / Müller, Altmann / Steenstra.
goals: 12. Praplan (Mursak, Ebbett) 1: 0. 19. (18:33) Praplan 2: 0. 20. (19:14) Tedenby (Lindgren, Marc Wieser) 2: 1. 34. Andersson (Koivisto) 3: 1. 55. Baumgartner (Lindgren, Ambühl / foreclosure Ebbett) 3: 2. 59. Lindgren (Corvi, Rantakari) 3: 3 (without goalkeeper).
shoot-out penalties: Palushaj 0: 1, Praplan -; Corvi -, Moser -; Tedenby -, Mursak -; Lindgren -, Andersson 1: 1; Marc Wieser -, Untersander 2: 1.
penalties: 4 times 2 minutes against Bern, 2 times 2 minutes against Davos.
PostFinance top scorer: Moser; Lindgren.
Bern: Schlegel; Untersander, the Burren; Andersson, Koivisto; Krueger, Blum; Colin Gerber; Grassi, Berger, Pestoni; Ruefenacht, Arcobello, Moser; Praplan, Mursak, Ebbett; Sciaroni, Heim, Scherwey; Jeremi Gerber.
Davos: Sandro Aeschlimann; Du Bois, Jung; Stoop, Guerra; Rantakari, Pashoud; Kienzle; Duke, Marc Aeschlimann, Eggenberger; Frehner, Ambühl, Bader; Marc Wieser, Lindgren, Baumgartner; Palushaj, Corvi, Tedenby; Meyer.
Comments: Bern without Bieber, Beata Gerber and Kämpf, Davos without Nygren, Dino Wieser, Hischier, Kessler (all wounded). – Latteschuss: Scherwey (5.). – Davos timeout (58th).

Ambri-Piotta – Rapperswil-Jon Lakers 4: 2 (1: 0, 2: 0, 1: 2)
5032 spectators. – SR Urban / Nikolic.Kehrli / Pitton.
goals: 2. Dwarven (Fora, Flynn / Exclusion Clark) 1: 0. 31. Neuenschwander (Kneubuehler, Dal Pian) 2: 0. 40. (39:36) D & # 39; Agostini (Dwarf / Exclusion Clark) 3: 0. 53. Wellman (Vukovic / Exclusion Knee Bender) 3: 1. 56. Clark (Vukovic) 3: 2. 58. D & # 39; Agostini (Fora, Sabolic / Exclusion Antonietti) 4: 2.
penalties: 6 times 2 minutes against Ambri-Piotta, 7 times 2 minutes against Rapperswil-Jon.
PostFinance best scorer: forums; Egli.
Ambri-Piotta: Manzato; Plastino, Fischer; Forums, Dotti; Ngoy, Pinana; Jelovac; Trisconi, Goi, Bianchi; D & # 39; Agostini, Müller, Zwerger; Neuenschwander, Dal Pian, Kneubuehler; Hofer, Flynn, Sabolic; Chris Egli
Rapperswil-Jona Lakers: Nyffeler; Hächler, Maier; Randegger, Dominik Egli; Vukovic, Dufner; Antonietti, Gähler; Kristo, Schlagenhauf, Clark; Forrer, Rowe, Wellman; Mosimann, Dünner, Casutt; Hollenstein, Ness, Spiller.
Comments: Ambri-Piotta without Hrachovina (surplus of a foreigner), Conz, Kostner, Novotny and Rohrbach, Rapperswil-Jon without Cervenka, Profico, Hüsler, Schweri (all wounded) and Rehak (suspended). Timeout Ambri (57th). Rapperswil-Jon from 59:20 to 59:52 without a goalkeeper. Zwerger injured eliminated (57th).

White – Genève-Servette 6: 3 (2: 1, 2: 0, 2: 2)
5,903 viewers. – SR Gofman / Lemelin, Dreyfus / Obwegeser.
goals: 7th Rod 0: 1. 8. Tailor (Fey, Salmela) 1: 1. 17. Tailor (Salmela / bricklayer) 2: 1. 29. Künzle (Pouliot) 3: 1. 36. Pouliot (Rajala) 4: 1 45. (44:56) Schneider (Pouliot, Neuenschwander) 5: 1. 46. (45:39) Nov 6: 1. 53. Karrer (Bozon / Exclusion Rathgeb; Le Coultre) 6: 2. 60. (59:27) Rod 6: 3.
penalties: 3 times 2 minutes against Biel, 4 times 2 minutes against Genève-Servette.
PostFinance best scorer: Rajala; Wingels.
White: Hiller; Moser, wheel; Rathgeb, Forster; Sataric, Salmela; Fey; Hügli, Pouliot, Rajala; Riat, Cunti, Künzle; Schneider, Fox, Neuenschwander; Ulmer, Gustafsson, Chantré; Lüthi.
Genève-Servette: Descloux; Jacquemet, Olsson; Karrer, bricklayer; Mercier, Le Coultre; Völlmin; Wingels, Winnik, Rod; Wick, Fehr, and Bozon; Maillard, Smirnov, Miranda; Kast, Berthon, Simek; Tanner.
Comments: White without Brunner, Genève-Servette without Tömmernes, Richard, Douay and Fritsche (all wounded). – Tartar (7).

Lugano – Friborg-Gottéron 1: 4 (1: 2, 0: 1, 0: 1)
6039 spectators. – SR Salons (FIN) / Fluri, Gnemmi / Cattaneo.
goals: 8. Lhotak (Stalder, Desharnais) 0: 1. 18. Fazzini 1: 1. 20. (19:15) Rossi 1: 2. 33. Gunderson (Mottet / Exclusion Lajunen) 1: 3. 59. Stalberg 1: 4 (to empty gate).
penalties: 3 times for 2 minutes.
Best PostFinance Shooter: Fazzini; Brodin.
Lugano: Zurkirchen; Ohtamaa, Chorney; Loeffel, Wellinger; Chiesa, Jecker; Riva; Klasen, Lajunen, Zangger; Fazzini, Romanenghi, Suri; Bürgler, Sannitz, Bertaggia; Jörg, Haussener, Lammer.
Friborg-Gotteron: Waeber; Kamerzin, Chavaillaz; Gunderson, Furrer; Schneeberger, Stalder; Forrer; Marchon, Dirt, Tristan Vauclair; Brodin, Walser, Mottet; Rossi, Desharnais, Stalberg; Lauper, Schmid, Lhotak.
Comments: Lugano without Julien Vauclair (absent), Spooner (surplus of a foreigner), Morini and Walker, Freiburg without jumpers and Bulls (all wounded). Post Shot Brodin (32.). Lugano from 58:51 to 58:56 without a goalkeeper.

SCL Tigers – Lausanne 1: 3 (0: 0, 1: 1, 0: 2)
5499 spectators. – SR DiPietro / Vikman, Betschart / Wolf.
goals: 22. vermin (almond, men / exclusion DiDomenico) 0: 1. 26. DiDomenico (Maxwell) 1: 1. 57. Jeffrey 1: 2. 60. (59:23) Bertschy (Junland) 1: 3 (to the empty goal ).
penalties: 5 times 2 minutes each.
PostFinance top scorer: Pesonen; Almond.
SCL Tigers: Punnenovs; Glauser, Leeger; Erni, Lardi; Cadonau, Huguenin; Niklaus gross; DiDomenico, Maxwell, Dostoinov; Kuonen, Earl, Pesonen; Dirt, Berger, Neukom; Andersons, Rüegsegger.
Lausanne: Boltshauser; Heldner, Junland; Lindbohm, Frick; Nodari, Genazzi; Oejdemark; Warm, Jeffrey, Kenins; Bertschy, Jooris, Vermin; Moy, Almond, gentlemen; Antonietti, Froidevaux, Leone; Traber.
Comments: SCL Tigers without Blaser, Diem, Gagnon, In-Albon and Schilt, Lausanne without Emmerton (all injured) and Grossmann (sick). – Post Shots: Earl (6.), DiDomenico (34.); Kenins (40th place). (Pre / SDA)


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