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National League: SCB also loses to Lausanne

In 6 minutes against Lausanne

After this zloty, SCB goalkeeper Schlegel must get out

SC Bern – Lausanne HC 2: 5

Game: Champion Bern lost his fourth defeat in the series, caught the weakest start of the season under the Finnish success coach Kari Jalonen (since 2016).

After only eleven minutes, PostFinance Arena is in a pure horror state. 0: 3 is the champion back, looks like a shock. Bern did so much after the unfortunate performance on Tuesday in Lugano (2: 4) – and he also began to promise.

Tristan Scherwey marks his presence in the first race with a solid check against Petteri Lindbohm. Two minutes later, the striker fucks his teammate Gregory & # 39; ego Sciaroni steeply. But Ticino fails himself before Tobias Stephan, the LHC goalkeeper.

Instead of 1: 0 seconds later it is 0: 1. Again the job is lost in the SCB. Tyler Moy stays alone.

Suddenly, nothing happens at SCB. Maximum penalty: When Mutzen can act in excess for the first time, it drops 0: 2. Only Jan Mursak's pass ends on the opponent. Then the flap also Niklas Schlegel.

The guardian drops the disc and grabs it next to him. For Schlegel, the working day ends after five minutes and 40 seconds. Pascal Caminada comes after him, who immediately miraculously rescues Yannick Herrena. But he can't prevent 0: 3. The shot of Joël Genazzi obstructs his view.

The master gradually enters the game, showing good performance, especially in the second section and reaches 2: 3 after Tobias Stephan blocks the disk outside the goal area and thus outnumbers his team.

But SCB is no longer able to make up for the mortgages it has received since the start-up phase. When Vincent Praplan is punished for unnecessary scourging, Ronalds Kenins explains everything.

PS: The SCB training guest Patrik Laine has passed away. He signed a new two-year contract with Winnipeg.

Gates: 3. Moy (Emmerton, Almond) 0: 1. 6. Antonietti (Froidevaux / SH!) 0: 2. 11. Genazzi (Frick / PP) 0: 3. 14. Untersander (Blum, Rüfenacht) 1: 3. 33 Andersson (Arcobello / PP) 2: 3. 46. Kenins (Bertschy, Genazzi / PP) 2: 4. 60. Jeffrey (Vermin) 2: 5 (to empty grid).

Best: Joël Genazzi (LHC): Complete the game winner and get help.

Plum: Jan Mursak (Berne): The striker has an open goal in front of him, but he shoots the LHC goalkeeper Tobias Stephan in a gripping glove.

SCL Tigers – ZSC Lions 4: 6

Game: After the bankruptcies in Biel and Ambri, they criticized the SCL Tigers camp for lack of discipline. Something that brings coach and race champion Heinz Ehlers to the glow of white. Apparently the Dane was unable to correct this deficit until he played against ZSC Lions. If you can reject Langnauer's suicidal goal from Ernie in 0: 1 as an unfortunate misfortune, the decisive goals for 1: 2 and 1: 3 in the middle third should be seen more critically.

The inhabitants of Zurich pass through the central zone twice without much resistance and twice without any problems. Ehlers just shakes his head toward the gang outside. When the tigers fight back to 2-4 with the remaining 12 minutes, Blaser and Neukom don't quickly achieve 2: 5 and 2: 6 mistakes that are too simple.

Here, the USSR celebrates against Langnau

Two hits from Kuonen led the hosts to 4: 6, but this is not enough for points. Too weak and undisciplined appearance of tigers.

ZSC lions have no worries today. After three away defeats at the start, they win for the first time in Langnau on foreign ice. However, success is disturbed by Chris Baltisberger's failure. The striker falls in the middle third after the fight with Tiger Glauser out of the game and can no longer risk injury to his legs.

Best: Pius Suter (Lions of the USSR).

Plum: Samuel Erni (SCL Tigers).

Gates: 12. Hollenstein (Erni own goal) 0: 1. 20. (19:40) DiDomenico (Pesonen) 1: 1. 26. Suter (Knot, Roe) 1: 2. 28. Trutmann (Bodenmann, Diem) 1: 3 46. ​​Noreau (PP2) 1: 4. 49. Maxwell 2: 4. 50. Roe 2: 5. 53. Suter 2: 6. 57. Kuonen (Diem, Pesonen) 3: 6. 60. Kuonen ( DiDomenico) 4: 6.

Ambri – Biel 3: 1

Game: What was happening at the judges? In the 47th minute they show a penalty kick. But against whom? Punishment for ghosts. But probably against Ambri, because Bieler Ulmer had just been laid down. Ambri is also in possession of the discs, but to everyone's surprise there is no whistle.

Goalkeeper Ambri Manzato leaves his inbox because he can assume that punishment against Biel is indicated. Maritime countries are the owners of the pucks – but again there is no break. After that, the puck is suddenly abandoned at Ticino's goal, but the head referee denies the alleged validity of the compensation, but now he is suddenly punishing Ambri. Strange performance of judges.

The actual decision? Technical error? EHC Biel strongly protests on the field.

Here, Ambri changes the game within three minutes

Shortly after these technical obstacles, Ambri succeeds 3: 1. Before that, Ambri pushes the middle of the game in vain on the goal, and then gets caught on the wrong foot when Yannick Rathgeb suddenly appears alone in front of Manzato and sank in the rebound.

Ambri turns the game in the last section within three minutes. The Austrian Hofer compensates for the match with his first goal of the season (playing in Biel next season), and then Nick Plastino caught goalkeeper Biel from a distance when he leaves at the right moment – Paupe is a view leveled by several players. And then Trisconi pushes the 3: 1 game on the lid. For now.

An anecdote with punishment for ghosts will probably have consequences.

Best: Manzato (Ambri). Performance in the classroom, always master of the situation.

Plum: Lemelin / Borga (chief referee). Lose your overview in the crucial phase of the game.

Gates: 33. Rathgeb (Rajala) 0: 1. 41. Hofer (Fora, Zwerger / PP) 1: 1. 44. Plastino (Trisconi, Fora) 2: 1. 51. Trisconi (dwarf) 3: 1.

Lugano – Geneva Servette 1: 2 n.V.

Game: After five wins in six games – four of them last in a row – Servettiens seem quite saturated. There is no hunger for offensive actions. This only explains that, for example, Lugano's defender Romain Loeffel just before the game itself has the same number of shots on the opponent's goal (5) as the entire Servette squad.

The Romans do not get up at all. After five and a half minutes, coach Patrick Emond is already forced to wake up his players with a break for a break – but for some time he misses his effect. The Bianconeri dominate the game, place Geneva gradually in their zone, or simply blow up the disk when they are in possession of the discs. Like naughty Romanenghi at the Geneva topscorer, Wingels.

The only leader of napkins

This dream goal gives Geneva victory over Lugano

Shot ratio after two thirds from a Ticino point of view: 29: 8! And prone? 1: 1. Because it is not known from where, Servettiens compensated – Wick's stenographer. Although there are hardly any parts of the game, Genevese still have a chance to score from this hit. The Bianconeri have more stringent options in the final stages, but the Servettiens still receive power play five minutes ahead of time. They cannot yet take advantage of this overpayment game to make a decision.

To extend! NHL veteran Eric Fehr protects Geneva with his goal to a 2: 1 fifth victory in the series. And Lugano is losing the third of four home games so far – although he dominated the opponent (35:17 shots!). Actually.

Best: Eric Fehr (Servette).

Plum: Taylor Chorney (Lugano). Too passive in front of the stenographer.

Gates: 3. Romanenghi (Suri) 1: 0. 39. Knot (Rod, Maurer / SH!) 1: 1. 64. Fehr (Douay, Jacquemet) 1: 2.

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