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Lisbeth Salander he returns to the canvas. "Conspiracy" operates in the cinema from November 22. director Fede Alvarez I met with TV film editor Michelle Welsing for an interview. He revealed why he Claire Foy I wanted to have for the purpose of the film, to what extent the film resembles a sombre tale and why he filmed mainly in Germany, not in Sweden.

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"Conspiracy ": content

Lisbeth Salander (Claire Foy) is still on the front pages of the newspapers. Her mission is to teach men who are afraid of women. Nobody can stop her because she's been diving for three years. Not once Mikael Blomkvist (Sverrir Guonason), an investigative journalist, was able to find her. Lisbeth one day Frans Balder (Stephen Merchant) involved. He has developed a dangerous program that can control all nuclear weapons around the world. It is said that Lisbeth is in NSA hack and steal the program so Balder can destroy it. But everything goes wrong. The criminal group realizes Lisbeth Salander and wants to murder her. She also bears responsibility for the bran August (Christopher Convery). Only Mikael can save her. But he is also helpless when an old friend, considered dead, appears in Lisbeth.

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Fede Alvarez, how did it happen that you were shooting in Berlin?

We needed snow, but it was not in Stockholm. It is cheaper also in Germany. So we managed to put more money into the movie, not the whole drum. The crew in Germany was great. This is important because I am part of the team and someone who really engages. I am not a director who shouts orders from a heated tent, while the rest of the band trembles outside in the cold.

When and how did you come to this movie?

About two years ago. I found the idea to make the fourth book great. Since David Fincher's "Verblendung" is already seven years old, I managed to hire new actors. The last thing the director wants is to take over the cast of another. The choice of actors is half your vision of the movie. Continuing the fourth book allowed me to show my own vision.

What kind of vision did you mean?

Compared to Fincher, I created a softer movie. Books with time will become a bit calmer. Lisbeth is more brutal and crazy in her first books. He fights with his brother and presses him to the ground with a nail gun. My film is more like a black fairy tale: "There used to be two little sisters who had a bad father, one of them escaped, the other one died." The film ends when two sisters race in the woods. One of them in a dramatic, bright, red dress. I am more interested in what begins in the real world and evolves into the world of fantasy, than the harsh world in which the first book plays.

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What did you see in Claire Foy as Lisbeth Salander?

Salander would never tell what was going on in her. So I knew that I needed an actress who could convey these inner feelings without many words. Believe me, only very, very few can. For "The Crown" Claire Foy needed exactly this gift. The queen is always polite and nice to people, but you never know what she really thinks or feels. Not many people like Claire Foy can play these inner feelings and present them to the public.

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Was there any scene in the "Crown" that they thought "Wow, great actress"?

Yes, it was. In the first episode, Queen Elizabeth gets married. There is a moment when she looks at her husband and tries to show how happy she is. But the viewer can see how terrified he is and how worried he is. I could see all those emotions and thoughts that flitted through her mind while she really wanted to tell him that she could not be happier because she let him marry him. Up close is Claire, who tells you everything you need to know about this person in one moment. To play something like this is really difficult.

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Was Claire Foy her first person or was there a discussion about Rooney Mara's involvement?

No, that was more discussion on the Internet. If I engaged Rooney Mara, I would have to take over other actors as well. However, the atmosphere and tonality of the "conspiracy" are completely different from "delusions". To illustrate this, I wanted to have a different cast.

How is "Conspiracy" different from previous films?

The "plot" concerns Lisbeth Salander. I think he is the most fascinating figure in books. Other films refer to Mikael Blomkvist. I thought it was a bit unfair. It is not here to support a journalist and let him order. As good as other films, it was exciting for me what happens when I put Lisbeth in the foreground. That's why this movie is faster and more chaotic than the others. Lisbeth Salander is very different from Blomkvista. He is very intellectual and thinks twice.

Did you feel under the pressure of the second movie?

Yes of course. Everyone wants to make the best movie. But it's like any other movie. When you make a movie, you want millions of people to be excited about what you have to say. They pay, they sit in the cinema and pay attention for two hours. So it's better to say something good instead of boring him to death. On the other hand, every other printout is completely accidental. I want to entertain and surprise viewers. I want to create emotions and get something for them that they do not expect.

Lisbeth Salander is often compared to Batman. Was your intention to make Lisbeth a superhero?

Even the car resembles Batmobile / © Sony Pictures

No, not really. I do not like superheroes. Characters with superpowers are wonderful and unselfish. I think it is very overwhelming and does not inspire me to become a better person. I feel dirt because of superheroes because I can never be like them. I am more interested in showing humanity through errors. The film is about guilt, mystery and shame. In the end, Lisbeth has to face her dark side. This shows the audience that we all make mistakes. We all leave someone behind and we have to accept reality as well as our wrong deeds. Like Salander at the end of the movie. I find it fascinating.


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