Report: The biggest obstacle to the Brexit negotiations


London (APA / dpa / Reuters) – The biggest scandal in the Brexit talks was abolished in the Times report. The London government spokesman rejected the announcement by the British newspaper that Prime Minister Theresa May could make substantial concessions on the so-called Irish issue, but soon speculated on Sunday evening.

"We made good progress in future relations," he said. It was reported on May that there was already a Brussels concession in May that the United Kingdom could remain in the customs union after leaving the European Union. It is therefore necessary to avoid a permanent line between the EU Member State of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Membership in the Customs Union was limited in time, they said. This requires a separate agreement in the agreement. The Cabinet will give advice on Tuesday, according to the Times, according to the plan.

Britain wants to leave the EU in late March 2019. Both sides fear that limited border controls between Ireland and Northern Ireland could endanger the brutal peace of the former civil war. London and Brussels have not yet agreed on how to prevent this from happening in practice.

The Irish question is considered the main obstacle to concluding the almost signed Brexit agreement between Brussels and London. He could even say that the agreement was "95 percent complete".


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