Friday , August 23 2019
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Serbian physician practiced without permission – arrested!

The cantonal police in Zurich arrested a Serbian doctor and assistant. They practiced at Dietikon ZH without permission.

At about 12 o'clock, the Zurich cantonal police investigators controlled the practice of physiotherapy in Dietikon. They met a 35-year-old Serbian doctor and a 29-year-old Serbian assistant who performed cosmetic wrinkles injections.

The missing person could not give a Swiss professional license to inject injectable products as a physician, as well as a general work permit. In addition, various medical devices covered by the Medicinal Products Act have been secured. They were allegedly illegally brought to Switzerland.

The 34-year-old practice manager provided the doctor with controlled rooms for cosmetic procedures.

Shows of the owner of the practice

Two Serbs were arrested on the ground and taken to the prosecutor in the canton of Zurich. The owner of the practice was questioned by the police. A task was assigned to the competent investigative body.

Further investigations are carried out by the cantonal police in Zurich, the prosecutor of the Canton of Zurich and the Federal Customs Administration.

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