Monday , November 30 2020

The Benzema affair – what really happened between him and Vinicius

Karim Benzema definitely doesn’t give Vinicius Juni good hair during the break. picture: screenshot of RMc Sport

This video shows why Benzema was so annoyed with Vinicius

Karim Benzema has been the scapegoat again on the football scene since yesterday. The Real Madrid forward was filmed half-time on a 2-2 draw with Borussia Mönchengladbach as he complained to his compatriot Ferland Mendy about his teammate Winicjusz Junior. “He does what he wants. Brother, I don’t play with him anymore. In my mother’s life. He’s playing against us, Benzema whispered to Mendy in French in the Catacombs of Borussia Park.

Benzema complains to Mendy about Vinicius. Video: Streaming

Of course, the short video sequence went around the world and Benzema had to take a lot of criticism. However, in many places, the words of the 32-year-old French were not correctly reproduced. In many media translations, it seemed that Benzema asked his buddy Mendy not to match Vinicius anymore. A small but significant difference.

A fragment of the video taken out of context does not reflect the whole truth about what happened that evening between Benzema and Vinicius. The French TV channel RMC Sport has now shed light on the darkness. A compilation of some of the scenes from the first half clearly shows why Benzema was so upset with Vinicius.

Several of the Brazilian’s passes missed his French partner on impact. Sometimes Vinicius didn’t look up, sometimes he suited a less placed teammate, sometimes he played the flank high and wide, rather than short and flat in the open space. Out of 18 applications by Vinicius, only two reached Benzema in the first 45 minutes. So understandable that the seasoned Madrid striker was annoyed with his young teammate.

RMC Sport shows how little Benzema and Vinicius harmonized in the first half. Video: Streaming

In addition, the videos from “BT Sport” show Benzema having a lively discussion with Vinicius and Mendy in the middle lap after the break. It is more than likely that Benzema gave his strike partner a few more tactical instructions before the second half.

Benzema and Mendy talk to Vinicius again before the second half. Video: Streaming

Obviously, this is not the best (and not very smart) way to decide not to overtake one of your teammates anymore. Benzema can now also be accused of actually implementing it. Until Vinicius’ change in the 70th minute, the French never matched the young Brazilian.

But even in the entire first half only three Benzema passes reached Vinicius. Much more likely, after watching the video above, is that Benzema and Vinicius just aren’t working together – at least not tonight.

The fact is: the French veteran certainly did not behave properly during the break. However, he is not the villain that Benzema hastily watched after watching the video clip. Anyone who has never blasphemed a teammate in football should throw the first stone.

The real striker stayed calm on Instagram despite all the excitement about himself. In the story, the goalscorer initially reported the goal 1: 2 as follows: “While the dogs are barking, the number 9 is still moving.” Benzema later listed the records he had recently set in a post and wrote, “Of course, nobody wants to talk about it.”


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