The company: "Fantastic Animals" conquers the North American Cinema Charts


As magical as expected, the beginning did not go away: "Fantastic animals: crimes in Grindelwald" recorded on its first weekend in the US and Canada, 62 million US dollars (54 million euros).

The film in the world of "Harry Potter" remained below expectations.

Despite this, the film came in first place on the North American charts, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter on Sunday. In Germany, the second part of the fantasy saga Fri "Fantastic beasts: Grindelwald's crime" in theaters from November 15.

A British-American work written by Joanne K. Rowling about the "magical zoologist" Newt Scamander, who investigates mythical creatures and offers of evil powers, received very negative reviews in the US. The New York Times, for example, stated that the actor's performance was missing "esprit". Characters are not sufficiently developed. The first part of the series was better in 2016, and its debut resulted in 12 million dollars (10.5 million euros).

The second place in the US and Canada is "Grinch". Cartoon about the hairy Miesepetrze after the classic children's book "How Grinch stole Christmas" Dr. med. Seuss spent 38 million dollars (33 million dollars) in the second week. Comedian Otto Waalkes gives his voice to Griesgram in the German version, which begins on November 29.

The third place was the musical film "Bohemian Rhapsody", which tells the story of the British band Queen. The factory generated 16 million revenues (14 million euros). Then came the comedy "Instant Family" with Marek Wahlberg, known primarily as a performer. A newly arrived couple who adopted three small children took 15 million dollars (13 million euros).

The fifth place went to the thriller "Widows" with 12 million dollars (10.5 million euros), which tells the story of three women who take after the death of their villains the last, unfinished theft.


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