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Thiam threatened Khan's body and health

Credit Suisse goes straight into the abyss. The reason is its managing director, Tidjane Thiam. He took a bank with a sworn hostage like a hostage.

It's all about: number 2 of the financial center, 50,000 employees, millions of customers. I: Switzerland. The crisis would have to save CS.

Escalation is reaching new heights today. Tages-Anzeiger reveals the source of the split between CS boss Thiam and his long-time favorite manager, Iqbal Khan.

Villa Thiam & # 39; s in Herrliberg on the Gold Coast ate dinner
top CS in January for a serious dispute between the boss and
Unterstelltem. there exceeded
Thiam limits

"These two were slightly out of results, there were only two women there. Later, Thiam Khan allegedly claimed to have offended his girlfriend, and Khan later stated that he felt threatened in life and life. "

he threatened massively Khan. He threatened him with physical violence. Khan took it
serious threat. He was worried about himself and his family. he
I just wanted to run away.

Three months ago, Khan gave up. Received so generously
Leaving conditions like no other. 3 months notice, none
Shackles that concerned a new company.

Khan only walked superficially. His people made a plan
out. Khan should know now: Boy, We Watching You.

he realized that he had ordered personal protection. Protected for three weeks
private bodyguards – CS manager.

Khan went on vacation with his wife and children in the USA. After him
Returning, UBS announced that Khan would start with the bank.
In a month. As it became more and more clear: Khan had something inside
A hand against his former boss. Otherwise, such a jump would be unthinkable.

Khan felt safe. He gave up personal protection. next
his supporters struck. Tattooed type one bat
The Investigo supervisory company has brought Khan to the fore.

He came to the showdown a week ago. Khan went with his
Woman in the city of Zurich. In the direction of Fraumünsterstrasse
He parked the National Bank and the lake on the right in front of Coiffure Zülle.

Khan noticed that a car was following him. License plate: Vaud. The driver got out of the car, took a few steps, stopped under the roof of the metropolis, a famous cafe on the corner of Fraumuenster-Börsenstrasse.

Fraumünsterstrasse crime scene: Huher parked on the left, Khan on the right (Google)

The terrified bald man pretended to be busy. Khan took his heart, got out, crossed Fraumünsterstrasse.

He took out his cell phone and took a picture of the car's license plate that accompanied him and his wife – initially his little son in the car – from Herrliberg to Zurich.

Khan returned to Fraumünsterstrasse in the parking lot
in front of the Coiffure showroom, where his car was standing. His was waiting inside

the bat type reacted. He followed Khan, putting him before him
Wagen, on the right side of Fraumünsterstrasse, to appear.

I wanted pictures that Khan took in front of his car
man. Mobile phone. Khan didn't abandon his cell phone. It came
for short climbing. Nothing wrong.

"Rambo" realized that he had been caught. He turned his head and told the hidden microphone: "There is a problem.

Then Khan panicked. He knew now that the hacker was not alone. There were helpers. Will they go to him now, push Khan and his wife into the car, take them?

Khan feared at this point in his life, as the appearance said. A man who experienced a lot at the age of 43 remembered the words of his former boss Thiam. He threatened him with physical violence.

Khan started screaming. On an open road in broad daylight. Police, police. Help.

the tattooed agent struggled with fear. he
he returned to the other side of the street, sat in the car,
He drove off. CS received shortly after the message: We are
He busted.

Khan sought help from the CS security chief. Khan didn't know he could play a double game.

Switzerland's shame: CS scandal (media)

but it happened. The security chief immediately offered support to Khan
on. He didn't tell Khan that CS was behind
Intimidation of a stuck hooligan.

It came to light only when the police teased CS security chief. After the initial refusal, the manager admitted that he and his bank had ordered Khan to be monitored.

Fake news from Paradeplatz: Rambo note for CS (IP) client

Yesterday CS issued a note from the detective agency. According to NZZ, there are lies. Khan's shading is described in such a way that everything was harmless and lawful. In fact, it was bullying.

Thiam & Co. To order the bandits who are chasing Khan and his family, fear of terror, CS's boss spreads lies.

Where are we? Who rescues CS?

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