Uber wants to start robot experiments


Self-propelled car from Uber

The Uber driver service broker is testing his self-propelled car. Photo by Eric Risberg / AP

(Photo: AP)

According to Uber's chief Dara Khosrowshahi, Robot Car's Friday report says cars do not drive alone on the road until they are upgraded.

The driver broker since July test cars are exclusively driven by people at Pittsburgh Drive. Robot experiments were abolished for one of the vehicles killed in a walkway in Arizona. It was the first and only fatal accident in a self-propelled car.

According to a preliminary report by the NTSB accident investigation service, the Uber software had difficulty in identifying the bicycle riding next to it, even though it was registered by many vehicle sensors. The car did not brake. The Volvo Emergency Brake Assist is disabled. Video clips on the vehicle show that the wheel clamp did not look the way before the collision.

Among the changes made by Uber is that two people have to sit in the car again every test drive. Make sure the security drive is tired or disturbed. People can not use more than four hours a day behind the wheel – eight hours earlier. The emergency brake assistant must be switched on.

According to US media, Uber has temporarily considered the inclusion of a robot car program. The Wall Street Journal was only $ 750 million compared to last year. Like Uber, self-propelled cars offer significant cost benefits and are key technology in the future – so the company will continue to focus on developing its own robot car technology.


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