Ubisoft: Rainbow Six Siege is censored because of Asia all over the world


Publisher Ubisoft informed the Rainbow Six Siege community about planned changes for the upcoming season, causing indignation. In particular, the point is that in the case of action in close combat instead of a knife in the future, the fist is used as a symbol – nothing in the animation itself changes.

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As a symbol of death, the stylized upper body can be seen instead of the skull. Gambling machines are to be removed, as well as the blood effects of the program, in the district of red lights you can see instead of a neon sign with a naked woman just a big finger.

Ubisoft presented details of comparative photos on his company blog. The changes will be introduced to reflect the upcoming release in Asia, according to the company's data. Although China has not been mentioned here, it seems that this only applies to the market where the youth protection authorities have been more rigorous than the unwanted content for several months.

Changes are made all over the world. Ubisoft justified this by saying that "Duplicate work on the part of the programmer was reducedThis will allow for a faster and more flexible approach and will ensure that even in future versions of Rainbow Six Siegeglobal regulations"he will be respected.

However, players in China will be able to play the same version as the rest of the world, but not with the rest of the world. According to Ubisoft, Chinese players have to fight among themselves on their own servers. The use of VPN will be impossible, the company employee wrote on Reddit.

The community reacted with indignation. First of all, Ubisoft is accused of censoring his own profit game in order to meet the Chinese authorities' requirements. On the other hand, many fans are afraid that – in contrast to the promised by Ubisoft – changes affect the game. Blood stains, for example, help determine the place where the shot exploded and whether enemies may still be nearby.


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