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Chen Zhizhong contested international airport, South Korea, Yu Yi, victory – Politics – China Times News

Mayor Kaohsiung, Korea City Council, accepts the questions

Kaohsiung City Council questioned this (26) day. City councilor Chen Zhizhong interrogated Yu South Korea and also wanted to build a Kaohsiung international airport. He also had to cover the international airport Central Airport. It would cost over 800 billion yuan. Which one should be covered? South Korea Yu said it can be combined with an international investment fund.

Chen Zhizhong first criticized that the right to ask members of parliament was limited. The eloquent reaction of the mayor of the YEAR is not necessary. If it is difficult for two days, it will be taken off and will definitely take free time. Why bother these two days!

Chen Zhizhong said that Han would definitely take time off, but he would not admit it and would be slandered. Why bother to spend two days, let Members speak freely so that the party group is not smart and the number of votes does not increase. Where to fall, where to get up, this time could go back to 10%, and now the social impression includes running. That is why in political speech and during the hearing we must respect Members and we do not have to undo democratic withdrawal.

Chen Zhizhong pointed out that South Korea will definitely take time off when it arrives, otherwise there will be no need to take time off, and South Korea's Yu hiding for some time, cannot run all his life and is a presidential candidate!

Chen Zhizhong said he is confident that he will return to the city council after election day next year. South Korea's Yu will face surveillance and accept questions before being released, because Yu is the current mayor of South Korea and members of the House of Representatives speak on behalf of the public. Whom are you asking?

Chen Zhizhong also said that Han Zhu and polls will increase. If South Korea wants to be self-destructive and self-destructive, 10 Zhu Lilun cannot save Han. The mayor of Korea was already in a good mood, he can not be confident, full of confidence, now he hides the question, there is no need, he is very Fang Fang, confrontation with a simple ball, unless he has remorse, so we must condemn the right to limit concessions.

Chen Zhizhong also questioned whether the Korean Yu dictionary has integrity? South Korea Yu said the international airport, Kaohsiung, also wants to have a central government, one to over 300 billion, two to 800 billion, and the prospective only 800 billion.

South Korea Yu said the city government did not participate in the issue of the right to investigate parliament members and fully respected the parliament's decision. And Chen Zhizhong used the words too harshly and there was no dishonesty. Han also said that Taiwan's ideal construction, Kaohsiung, needs the international airport the most, not only primarily if they can cover it together, but the government will not have enough money, it can be combined with international investment funds, it can do it.

Chen Zhizhong said he would like to ask South Korea Yu to fill 10 million yuan from the Qingchuang Fund!

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