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Taitung Puyuma derailed 18 dead, and the main wind pump before the derailment was abnormal, and the communication record showed that the driver disassembled the main wind pump for 43 minutes before the derailment. The Taiwanese railway said yesterday that the main wind pump did not solve the problem. The solution did not improve after three exchanges. Recently, the Japanese company will have to improve in a limited time. Li Guochang, legislator, this time again broke news Received a record of maintenance and maintenance Puyouma Looked shocked The main wind pump not only encountered problems last year, but it could not be improved The main air filter should be replaced for 3 years. This year has never changed, it is the life of a grasshopper, and the Taiwanese railway reacted at night, according to the original maintenance instructions, the filter cartridge was replaced after 6 years and has not yet expired.

Li Guochang, legislator, said today at noon: "Is the Taiwanese railway a human being in the grass?" In connection with the Puyouma tragedy, I questioned the main wind pump when I interrogated it: the Taiwanese railway always said there was no problem and that there was regular maintenance. As a result, the Taiwanese railway admitted yesterday: "The main wind pump encountered problems last year, but it was not able to improve!", "I found problems early, I can not improve!" Then the car was started and before all people will have guarantee There is no problem with a special inspection, this is not a problem of lying, it's basically human life. "

Huang Guochang expressed dissatisfaction on Facebook. After a long period of time he finally obtained the documentation of Puyouma maintenance. He looked at the shocking heart, including the main air pump filter. Constant change was not changed at all, and then the Ministry of Communications dared to Congress said he was maintained in accordance with the regulations, then the president of the executive Yuan dared to guarantee OK to all people, it would be too far-reaching.

Huang Guochang said during the interview that the history of maintenance of the railway line in Taiwan, the original specification of maintenance and repairs, the main air filter should be replaced in three years, but since 2013 the main air pump has changed only oil, the heart filter has never been replaced, moreover technical documentation, in March 2018, the main high-pressure hose of the air pump has been marked for replacement, but not expected, from a record-breaking point of view the exchange record has not been seen so far, and the main air pump is connected. I did not buy, how to repair and maintain, taiwanese railway also said that the main wind pump is no problem, will not affect safety, is not it a joke?

Huang Guochang said there are many problems in Taiwan: firstly, the remote ATP monitoring system is bad, does not work at all, it does not make sense to connect Puyuma, now all the cars are connected to the same remote monitoring system. Secondly, the ATP failure rate is high, so far the Taiwanese railway has not reviewed the way it was repaired, thirdly, the main air pump clearly has serious problems, but the change is not, but maintenance has not been carried out; Fourthly, the system for managing the preparations and materials of the Taiwanese Railways has not been accepted yet, and the management of logistics and preparation has problems that are not currently being discovered by the Taiwanese Railways. "But what have you been doing in the past few years? What are the management departments doing? The Taiwanese Railways will now have a full medical examination, but after developing the case, Lai Qingde is still sure that it is more than okay?

According to the Puyouma maintenance note, it shows that the main Pufengma air filter was replaced on July 23, and the maintenance and maintenance on July 26 shows that the hose has expired and can be replaced.

In the evening Taiwanese railway said that the main air compressor air filter, which replaced the air filter, the second filter was not replaced, because the Japanese company recommended a manual, originally recommended for 6 years, last year The new version is required for the exchange of materials three years, however, last year, the Taiwanese railways did not agree to the revised version, because the content is not reasonable, according to current instructions, the filter cartridge needs to be replaced only after 6 years. There are also inspections in accordance with regulations and regulations, as well as trains will carry out special checks during holidays, in the past they will perform some of the more important projects, after inspection of special inspections, the repair process should be repaired at the same time. After the special inspection process is completed and all are carried out in accordance with the maintenance regulations, if there are problems in the middle of materials and materials, they must also comply with the regulations and requirements and confirm that the receivable does not affect the safety of the train. It can get out of the car, affect safety, it certainly will not be fired.

According to the Taiwanese railway, the 18-stage remote monitoring system Pu & # 39; erma ATP started cabling yesterday – 12 cable sets have been completed to this day, it is expected that the installation will be completed before November 11, and then a test verification will be carried out to confirm system stability . It will be completed within one month.

When an interview with the Taiwanese rail was conducted last week, it was also said that the main problem with the wind pump has not been solved. Currently, during the warranty period, the Japanese car company is also very concerned and has been replaced three times, and when the Taiwanese railway meets Japanese entrepreneurs at the end October, also turns to the Japanese car company. Actively striving to improve the main problem of the air pump, in the near future will again meet with the Japanese automotive company, this time requiring a deadline for improvement, and if it can not be improved, the contract mechanism will be launched, according to the contract, if the Japanese buyer will not use it a guarantee deposit will be deducted.

(Li Zihui / Taipei Report)

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The maintenance history of Puyouma shows that the main element of the air pump's air filter was replaced on July 23, and the maintenance and maintenance on July 26 shows that the hose has expired and can be replaced. Read the reader
The maintenance history of Puyouma shows that the main element of the air pump's air filter was replaced on July 23, and the maintenance and maintenance on July 26 shows that the hose has expired and can be replaced. Read the reader

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