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Taiwanese CS ESS ESSIS team SadStory participated in this year's qualifying tournament IEM Katowice 2019 "Extreme Strength: Global Offensive", even though they successfully registered for the second round of the open group match, they successfully won the first game, but passed the national examination. The organizer canceled the qualification.

According to a member of the Sad Storyy team, CrazyFace, published on the Facebook page, after the first win they were officially disqualified due to their nationality.

According to CrazyFace, they took part in East Asian and South East Asian competitions, which is also the first place in the selection of teams of Taiwan IESF. This time they signed up for the China Division Group IEM Katowice 2019 "CS: GO" tournament, but the IEM Division Identification Document has only "one China" in the Chinese division and there is no "Republic of China" or "Taiwan" in Southeast Asia or East Asia. That is why it leads to disqualification.

In addition, according to the rules of the game (in English), in the regulations "2.7.3 Nationalities / Division", if a team without nationality is disqualified, it is obvious that SadStory is excluded from disqualification.

2.7.3 Nationality / division

The nationality of the player's team is the country in which he has a valid passport. If a player has more passports, he must inform the competition management department which nationality he wants to use. For the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice CSGO Major 2019 it will be a final and irreversible decision. The division is the region to which this country belongs (see 7.1). For the team it depends on the decision of the regional majority team. If there is no significant majority of team distribution, or if the team has no national affiliation or even no division, in this case the team can not take part in a qualifying match limited to a specific country or region without the prior consent of the event management department.

Although SadStory defeated the Friendly Welcome team with a score of 16: 1, it was disqualified due to nationality issues, and the Chinese competition organizer was an ideal place for agents, which may be ineffective due to official political factors.

This is common, although some people think that games belong to the game, and political politics, even if you play the game and ignore politics, politics always come to play.


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