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Is the Korean chip crisis saved? A great factory to fight against trade wars – finance – China Times News

The trade war between Japan and South Korea continued to prolong At the beginning of July, Japan began to limit the export of key consumables, such as photoresists, fluorinated polyimines and hydrofluorides to South Korea, which also resulted in Korean semiconductor companies risking a shortage of supplies. Support for 1 month. The Korean media revealed that in response to this situation, related companies, including Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, started looking for alternative supplies.

According to Korean media "Business Korea", SK hynix is ​​testing the high purity hydrogen fluoride supplied by SoulBrain in South Korea, and Samsung Electronics has started using high purity hydrogen fluoride purchased in South Korea in some semiconductor processes to maintain high purity. The supply of hydrogen fluoride has also recently begun to place large orders for material factories in Xi & # 39; an, the United States and Austin, Texas.

The report indicates that SK hynix and Samsung Electronics, two companies that have reduced dependence on Japanese imports, have begun to require local suppliers to increase the supply of hydrogen fluoride, because hydrogen fluoride is highly corrosive, so storage is not a viable option.

The report also mentioned that South Korean sources have revealed that Russia is preparing to deliver hydrogen fluoride in South Korea, and the South Korean government is reviewing Russia's proposals.

South Korea relied mainly on key consumables in the Japanese electronics industry According to statistics, hydrogen fluoride in Japan accounts for 43.9% of total imported hydrogen fluoride in South Korea, especially in the case of high purity hydrogen fluoride used in semiconductor micromachings. South Korea relies almost exclusively on supplies from Japan.

Article Source: SK Hynix Testing of Japanese hydrogen fluoride with high purity

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