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NBA "Rivers: I just quit my speedboat – Sports – China Times News


The speedboat chief trainer, Ruifusi, recently accepted the Los Angeles Times interview and shared the secret of the new trainer who switched from Celtic to a motorboat in 2013. At that time, the first transaction made by Ruifus was exchanged for this transaction. Dick did not expect the former motorboat owner Sterling to cancel the transaction, so Ruifusi immediately resigned.

"I was in the office only for 6 days, but I decided to quit. Because the transaction went smoothly, everyone thought it was a good deal. When I returned to Orlando by plane, the former speedboat president Loiser called me and told a story. Terry didn't want to make a deal, said Revers. – I'm just answering him. What does it mean? The transaction is almost done.

"So I talked to Sterling. I was standing at the airport and screaming. You can not do it. This is my reputation, but it still confirms how good his reputation is, "said Revers. Tell him I want to give up! He said that I had just signed a five-year contract, he would not let me have nowhere to go, I will come back to him directly, I don't care. "

In the end, Sterling bowed, the speedboat and Redick signed a four-year contract worth USD 27 million. Sterling broke with racist speech in 2013. The NBA forbade him to continue owning a motorboat and turned into Ballmer as the new owner of a speedboat. However, the disputes that Revers had just arrived on the speedboat were not only that, but even at the team meeting.

"I still remember the first team meeting. A group of people boasted that they have been playing motorboat for 15 or 20 years. I said on the spot that the motorboat is the worst team in 20 years. Why are we still celebrating? "Said Revers. "I just told the truth, the room was quiet. I know I've found many enemies, but I don't care. "

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