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Iraqi exile journalist and journalist of the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi, died and the body still has no place. Turkish President Ati, adviser to Ai, Aita said today that Kashoji was not only murdered, but also a dead body. The body was also dissolved with strong acid.

Turkey Hurriyet reported that Yasin Aktay, an adviser to the Eyre section, pointed out that "killing the innocent people is a criminal offense and condemning the body is another crime." In Islam, the human body is considered sacred.

On the second day of the month, Khajija moved to Turkey's Istanbul Consulate in Turkey to call for marriage to the Turkish bride, Hatice Cengiz's wife, but they suspect that she was murdered by a special agent in Saudi Arabia.

Aita said, "Now we think that not just a dead body, the killer will release the body." He said: "In the recent situation, why divide the body is due to this comparison. It's easy to untie." Aita, who was in close contact with Kasiji, said, "The goal is to make sure they do not leave clues on the corpses."

The United States "Washington Post" quoted Turkish officials as claiming that authorities are investigating the perception that the body is suspected of being violated by acids. Today Aita's statement echoes the content of the report.

Turkish officials have argued that finding a "biological evidence" in the consulate garden would probably be the subject of the killer with the body at Khajji's murder site. The Turkish official told Hua Post at that time: "The Kasimao's body does not have to be buried." (International Center / Comprehensive Foreign Report)

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