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The proposed act prohibits the election of "Kanhana" when it comes to elections – Politics – Zhongshi News

Xu Yongming, legislator of The Times, today organized a press conference "Leaving political elections for election and riding on a blue-green horse to find a horse." In the absence of a re-election, it is forbidden to start work, but the electoral subsidy received by the original post should also be returned. In response, the mayor Kaohsiung Kwong Yu replied that "this subsidy applies to the whole country." Internet users also pointed out that the sexual proposal was too outrageous.

Xu Yongming noted that in the last three sessions in total 45 public officials were elected, and electoral subsidies were given in the original position. In 2009, local and regional mayors' elections amounted to USD 16 million, in 2010 the mayors were directly elected. More than 3 million yuan, in May 2014. The mayor of the municipality directly under county jurisdiction and the county's mayor has more than 2,136 million yuan. In 2018, the municipal mayor directly under the jurisdiction of the county and county mayor has more than 24.45 million yuan.

Xu Yongming said that the power of the times proposed to increase the number of 27 elections, be it a central or local public official, with the exception of re-election, "from the moment of registration as a candidate for other public officials, is considered a resignation"; Articles are also added. If the person who received the electoral grant did not abstain on the day of registration, the grant must be returned, hoping to reduce the bad habit of taking up employment. Shi Li pointed out that if the next session is to take place in early September, he will have to pay for the second reading of the case. After completing the general investigation, he will immediately enter the hospital process and finish the second and third reading in mid-October. Repair the law.

Xu Yongming clearly stressed that "If the presidential elections in South Korea can get 9 million votes, the mayor of the city, presidential election subsidies, etc., At least 300 million yuan to the pocket," approval of the election can actually bring a fortune, but the quality of the municipality can really Do Do you want to take care of it? "Because this is a proposal for a law for South Korea, and it is planned to revise the law before the presidential elections in November this year. Internet users were dissatisfied and said: "There is a suspicion that people are deprived of the right to vote and the right to be elected", "How many people earn at that time? "In words," "How much is Tsai in English? Spit it quickly! "," With subsidy, everyone has it, but also black? "

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