5 free applications and games (usually on sale) iPhone, iPad press fast charging [06-12-2020]


Including free daily apps and games for iPhone, iPad, LetSketch, know a percentage and much more, worth hundreds of baht, hit the fast button before the price goes up.

paid apps for iphone ipad for free limited time 06 12 2020

Space Station: Run is free (usually $ 0.99). Developed on the Unreal engine, players take on the role of running through a collapsing space station collecting food for the astronauts! Download for free from the App Store

LetSketch is free (usually $ 1.99) Drawing tools include colors, patterns, pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal, brushes. The reticle can be adjusted for greater precision. Download for free from the App Store

Jungle Jam – Child Friendly is free (usually $ 2.99). A dance game that will bring you joy with colorful bananas. Flying Toucan The sun is giggling. A Big Monkey Jungle Jam can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

hPlayer – Simple and efficient for free (usually $ 0.99) A universal video player that can download computer videos, animations, movies and other multimedia files. Any format via Wi-Fi to hPlayer Free download from the App Store

I know the percentage is free (usually $ 0.99) A modern and beautiful percentage calculation app that works in real time. A simple, simple interface allows for quick work. Download for free from the App Store

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