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A scary girl was born. After Japan found a very accurate sperm separation method – Live News

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A scary girl was born. After Japan found a high precision sperm separation method – BBC Thailand

Researchers have expressed concern about ethical issues related to child gender selection. After a Japanese research team discovered how to use this chemical to delay sperm or sperm with female chromosomes to slow down. Until the sperm can be segregated to get 90% of the sex exactly what parents want

Research team from Hiroshima University of Japan Revealing how to choose simple, cheap and more effective sex for children in the magazine PLOS Biology, stating that the drug is called Resiquimod, an antiviral drug and rat sperm tumor. And he discovered that this drug can delay the flow of sperm with an X chromosome or female chromosome significantly reduced

Dr. Masayuki Shimada, one of the researchers, explained this. In general, the X chromosome will have more genes than the male Y chromosome, which will facilitate the production of various proteins that are receptors and capture some chemicals. Experiment with mice and inhibit the production of ATP, which also produces energy for sperm cells.

In the sperm separation assay using the above in vitro method, Resiquimod allows sperm that have a weak X chromosome and remain at the bottom of the tube. The Y chromosome spermatozoa will come off the top of the tube with a nutrient-rich solution.

When separating sperm and mixing it with eggs, it was found that the sperm with the Y chromosome from the top of the tube gave birth to 90% of the male biceps, while the sperm with X chromosome from the bottom of the tube gave 80% of the female biceps

A scary girl was born.

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Although Dr. Shimada said so This sex selection method can only be done during IVF (IVF) and is intended for use in livestock sex selection for the development of the agricultural industry. But many scientists from around the world think This method can be used to make it easier to choose child sex than before. There is a tendency that thanks to such techniques girls are born less often. Choose the sex of the child by focusing on the X chromosome seed.

Ali Reza Fazeli, from the University of Tartu, Estonia. Genomics experts, department of genetics. He commented: "This method of sex selection does not have to be carried out using the IVF procedure. Simply mix the medicine with a gel or foam to use the vaginal label before you start having sex. It's enough for a husband and wife to have a better chance of being a son. "

"I am afraid that choosing child sex at home from the bedroom in this way It may be true over the next decade And of course it must have a huge social impact – said prof. Faseli.

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