Diabetic bridge disease


Bangkok – November 15 – Huachiev hospital

Diabetes is a genetic disease. But this is not genetically the only one. There are risky behaviors that can cause diabetes, such as stress, obesity, eating sweets. I like to drink high sugar, smoke, do not exercise etc. These people are also exposed to diabetes.

Dr Pongsawat Leekpai, specialist in diabetology and endocrinology, Huachiev Hospital said that diabetes is not a disease everyone wants. But the statistics of people with diabetes in Thailand are not reduced. Any person who is very prone to thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, frequent hunger, weight loss or unusual disorders, blurred vision, blurred vision. Tired Symptoms of tea, especially of the hands and feet are difficult to cure, etc. It may be a risk factor for diabetes, so if the symptoms should work, consult a doctor. That the doctor can check if the patient is at risk for diabetes. Because if time goes by. Excess sugar in the blood can lead to problems such as heart disease, stroke, kidney problems, eye problems, vision problems, and oral diseases.

It is important to prevent diabetes, by maintaining normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Focus on eating food that is nutritious and rich in fiber. Avoid alcohol. And smoking. They include regular exercises. If pregnant women should start antenatal care early. See the doctor regularly. And test for diabetes. If there is a risk that diabetes can be diagnosed during pregnancy.

Huachiew Hospital. Has a dedicated team of doctors, diabetics and endocrinologists. And in related fields. Cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases etc. With the participation of highly experienced and experienced nurses and doctors, including doctors, physiotherapists, ophthalmologists, dieticians. Physiotherapist To provide comprehensive treatment services with complications such as diabetic eye disease, kidney disease, heart disease, chronic wounds can be cut off the foot.


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