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Exercise – eat curry tips, slow down dementia

Do you know that Curry And fruit Citrus family Can it help prevent and delay dementia?

Do not lie! Because it has proven results from abroad, confirmed by Dr. Thanathip Supapradit Chief Executive Officer of Thonburi Wellbeing Co., Ltd. and Jinnaweeling County Project has revealed that eating certain foods that have brain (cognitive) properties can help prevent and delay brain disease. Such as curry, which has been proven in Singapore and Japan to prevent amyloid buildup. It is a protein that degenerates to the island or accumulates in brain cells, causing the brain to lose its potential to work in transmitting neurotransmitters up to 50 percent, while fruits and Citrus vegetables, if consumed 3 times a week. May help reduce beta amyloid deposits to 8-14 percent

In addition, Dr. Thanathip also provides information on typical diseases in older people in Thailand. Which champion is number one in the ranking Dementia Or Alzheimer's It accounted for 80 percent or over 800,000 elderly in Thailand. Currently, dementia or Alzheimer's disease in the elderly has increased significantly. Cerebrovascular disease occurs Body aging Deterioration due to accidents, falls and bone fractures And bone and joint disease This is mainly due to the rapid increase in the proportion of elderly in Thailand per household

Dr. Thanathip Supapradit

"Based on the data, it is found that in the next 10 years Thailand is preparing for the leap of" Adult Society "with a population of 65 years and older, more than 20 percent, and inevitably more likely to lose memory. Many countries around the world, such as Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, China, Japan, America, Europe In an older society With more than 10 percent of the population aged 60 and over 65, more than 7 percent of the total population Thanks to the introduction of integrated exercises, which Regular consumption of curry and citrus fruits and vegetables will help improve brain function. It can prevent and delay dementia. " Dr. Thanathip said.

The doctor said so Although entering an older society may not be a new problem today. And all over the world they are struggling with this problem and adjustments. But preparing for illness and developing older people with good quality of life, happiness is an important challenge. Because being happy can be made of various factors and may vary from person to person

"The main topic is illness and care. Especially caring for elderly patients with dementia Requires both knowledge and understanding. Caring for caregivers and family members Because of dementia caused by many factors such as depression, social isolation or even having a small education is one of the causes of the disease, at first patients will be forgotten , they will not remember things Causing the ability to help themselves after the illness requires special care Both in terms of food, exercise and accommodation In which we do not have knowledge in this area Most people do not know that this part 3 is very important. This is the part we can supply and control. " The doctor confirms

Jina Vailinging County It is a housing project that combines the Jinn Institute of Health and the Thonburi Hospital Providing 51 beds, a hospital that focuses on specialized treatment for the elderly, holistic, first fully integrated in Thailand With a team of medical experts and nursing staff who can deal with the whole project Including residential focusing on prevention Health promotion and revive thanks to the Wellness service, offering outpatient and stationary services 24 hours a day, designed with good understanding for the elderly and everyone in the family It is also important to be the first Asian project about mixed use.

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