Kao Krirkphol tells why the MV should be removed. Stop talking in the neighborhood. Don’t accept any money, ask for termination in court.


“Kao Krirkphol” with an open mind, why don’t you have to remove it I was told the song that hit the heart was “Jenny” using hitting the other side in the news and going to court on various cases


List of questions at the end of the Soi Weekend Broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 10.40 on Channel 22, run by “Aun Phuwanat Kun Phin”.Nine Petcharat “now a story with”Jenny can get tired if she’s fresh.“Where did it go and the monsoons of life hit the shepherd?

What was the point of causing the problem to explode?

“Born to my parents, I was cursed. Because it took my parents to disconnect. Now I have to come to protect my family. “

We’re going to work with Jenny. Stop talking in the neighborhood Are you a guest singer?

“Being together in one program, they know each other. He invited me to the first round, I didn’t walk, the second round, he invited him to go fishing. I saw people together in the south, I couldn’t help but talk. “

Do you have documents to sign?

“No, the singing was over and I went home immediately. There was an agreement


He said if the income is divided 70-30?

“Yes, I don’t think he thinks the song will be so loud. But really loud “

Now and then how much did you earn from the success of this song?

“Losses. Losses from walking to singing, shooting a music video, loss of 2,000 He told me to eat ten thousand snacks, including everything, food expenses, lodging, travel expenses, all of those ten thousand, cost of clothes and stuff, nothing ever. “

Did he have to tell you 10 million views completed or should I share?

“Don’t talk. But before this song, there will be a sharing talk. But when I came down, there was no conversation.”

On the way to a joint concert?



350 million YouTube views Income from massive views Where should it be?

“He said he had 4 million in the past, that would be 70-30, but not now.”

When you feel unfair, how do you start talking?

“I didn’t talk about it here, but I called. To congratulate him on making this song so loud, I was really happy. It’s his younger song. What was that about before. I didn’t say it, 70-30? We didn’t call him. Cause the words we know in our hearts He said this song is part of his brother, if I want those 30 I have to do another song. I have to keep playing music “

We answer him?

“I didn’t answer and didn’t because the first single was used. A second single was also used. “

You think the music is so loud? Don’t just make money on YouTube?

“It goes through several applications. Who has the same income “


Anyone can sing great concerts, famous artists, covers, make a living. Does there have to be a separate license fee?

– Yes, but this one has nothing to do with me.

How do we talk to his site? Or he barely spoke?

“He didn’t speak at all. Sometimes I didn’t talk to the recording. We contacted by phone. Now let the adults talk. Talk to a lawyer “

Where did Jenny say she donated a million?

“The adult side didn’t tell me here. He said the million had no contact. Not sure who to talk to? “

Show that a million has never been offered?


If he gives 1 million?

“Not accepted.”

Jenny can get tired if she's fresh.

Now the case has been transferred to a lawsuit. Where do we direct our hearts to be content?

“But the court does justice. I want it to end on the court “

Even if the court decides we’re not going to get anything, are you okay?

“I accept the court’s decision”

What if it grew from 1 million to 2 3 4 5 million?

“No, but the court did justice to me. How much can i get? But my intention is to remove the clip “

Why are you looking at intention to delete only clips?

“It might not be my song. But in the video, that’s my voice. And my face is in it. It’s a song that pierces our hearts. That we were used “

This means that the ultimate goal is to delete the clip. This is not money?

“Money is not important. I’ve been fighting my own life since I was a kid, I’ve never had a problem here. “


Where is the trial going now?

“Stay on the investigation, reexamine the mother’s visit, January 25”

3 people testified the first time he went to court?

“Yes, there are my mom and dad.”

Is the opponent trying to make contact for mediation?

“The other party did not contact, but on the day he went to court. My lawyer said I came to mediation today? The side he said without meditating answered with a dark face. He was always ready to mediate, different people went to court with different messages. “

Not once do I go to work together, why? What is no job or no intention?

“It has been used since then And then I got the message that he said I was very expensive. I contacted but he told me the cost was too high probably unacceptable.

Half of them are a duo, should they go together?

“At first, he asked a lot where he was going. I can’t say why I didn’t go. “


Have you ever asked if we should call how many?

“I asked questions, but he proposed. And it never happened.

The other side has released a lot of media. And he did an interview that he will close the collision to fight this case Some say he will also file a lawsuit, are you worried?

“I’m not worried, but I asked if I could fight, but the court decides to lose-win. I can accept anything. “

The media commented that the shepherd. Shape the water What was caused by what was so called?

“This is because he looked back at what I said. Then maybe he took the information, not the truth, for example from Bangkok I came from Phatthalung to Bangkok But he said I was in Bangkok then and it seemed to me that it was a lie that I had to travel. At that time, we traveled from Phatthalung to Bangkok. Go shoot And then there was a show, I mistakenly said one show that said 500 that day I recorded two shows. The recording of the program immediately went downstairs to continue the interview, embarrassing me when I went out live. I haven’t prepared anything. I brought my memories back to life “

What did you say wrong?

“There’s only one thing that I’ve come out of. That means it is not an interview program and I misunderstand that I also got 500, but before I went to the interview I got 500 from another program. “

Only 500 came to us, but how much does the list give us?

“I already know it’s not just that. I have appeared in many shows. “


Many people see why nine have fallen in the social world. He was hit very hard too?

“I think it’s also in a tick for the bird. Tick-to-one, montage, short clip that attacked me, especially 3 million, thought I was suing 3 million, but really if you go back and watch it on video Lawyer James, said we don’t know the income here. We may have more than 3 million or less than 3 million. Then people interpret that I sue 3 million, but I say that as a criterion, not saying 3 million want everyone to come back and they listened to what James said.

Are you mad at Jenny?

“At first, I was angry that I cursed my parents. But then still not bad. “

If you have to cooperate Will you be able to participate?

“It depends on the occasion. Depending on the future”

If you’re hired, you have to stand on stage with any song right?

– Fine. I am comfortable.

Where has this song been used since working with him?

“Yes, but now it isn’t. Loud songs at the very beginning “


A future that must go ahead After meeting the great monsoon at 17, he recently hit the jar himself to create a new single called song?

“The more I forget, the more I remember”

I didn’t say that, did I?

“No (laughs), the reaction is very good, 1 month, now 24 million views”

What do you want to say to the fans? Or people struggling with similar problems How did we get through the crisis?

“He has to be strong. He has to fight for the family and all the fans we follow. If we fall long, everyone will follow the whole family. We have to be strong. One day our day will come.”

Who do you want to thank?

“I want to thank my parents and siblings for encouraging Nong Kao Kao supports the younger nine years. Thank you very much. “

What are you gonna say to Jenny?

“(Laughter) I don’t know what to say”

Southern Thailand has been flooded. Has our house been flooded?

“Hit and then ask your brothers and sisters in the fight to make the crisis go well.”


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