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Pee Long shot with the legendary 8 pairs of father and mother .. !! in "The Cupids Company Love in haste"

Ready to go back to the screen and watch again Thanks to the long series from Channel 3 "The Cupids, Rak Talueng Company" of Broadcaster Thai Television, a bile series that will return to impress the drama fans again. Even build a house for each pair With the definition of love, 8 styles of 8 couples, 8 flavors in (Cupid, fun), (Cupid's battle), (Cupid online), (Cupid's humiliation), (hide Cupid's love), (Cupid-dark ruler), (Cupid's changer). , Series (Cupid defeated the devil), which were carefully selected to convey fun Concentration of performers of high-quality actors

The company "Cupid Hut" of the founder of "Horrible", played by "Ken Theeradet", who provides complete matchmaking services. Each of the eight female employees, called "Cupid," has different responsibilities, with the same goal of "mutual love", but the situation turns around when the company generates lower income. From eight employees. No partner! Frightened then he announced "he must find a girl within 1 year. Whoever can find will get a 1 million baht bonus when the site changes. What does the increase in pressure mean?

Starting with the most heterogeneous pair But everyone completely satisfied. "Toey-Charinthon" plays "Hansar" and "Boy-Pakorn" as "Tim", a love story combined with beliefs about male eating "Hansar" Chom Clumsy, I don't want to have a girl But Hanson must meet CEO "Tim", owner hotel and shopping center Who currently builds the fort sued the Qupit Hut Company that Hansa is working. Terrified, ordered Cupid to deal with this problem. How will Hans's love story end? Will her male horoscope affect Tim's life or not follow him (Cupid Hansar)

Continue with a couple who don't just love appearance. "Klis – Horwang" as "Hom Muen Li" and "Spin Chan – Por Ma" as "a successful year". Make-up addict If she is not dressed, she will become "Ju-on", therefore, regardless of the day and time, her face must always be full. There is no way to reveal a fresh face to anyone. For this reason, Hom-Ten Thousand Li is afraid to have a girlfriend. Because if there is a lover I had to bare the face of a man She has the impression that she is not beautiful. And no one would admit that her fresh face was hairy, met a "happy year", a young taxi driver, but deep down he is not a normal person. In fact, he is a billionaire. But he wants to prove true love, which is not just barking. Will they both find true love? Track in (cupid battle)

Continue with love from the online friendship "Sugar-Pichana" as "brilliant" and
"Ken-Phu Phum" plays "Rome", IT history and school history, which secretly likes the older At that time she had an ugly appearance. That is why heartbeat and rejection as a shame Later, when she had an accident. Therefore, perform a completely new facial surgery. She is beautiful back that everyone. He had to turn around and look at "Rome," a young man who came when her life was in danger (Cupid online)

He enters a groundbreaking category with a girl who compares love as a weapon, "Wowwa-Nichicharee" plays "Cocoa" and a man who is not afraid of shutting down. "Indie-Intouch" plays "Daniel" Like the girl "Karaket", who looks strong both physically and mentally, but is sensitive inside and is afraid of disappointment until he meets "Daniel" Interpol, whose task is to hunt for breeding bird that will attract Thai women for sale in France To a multinational mafia by being a member of Cupid Hut Company What will their love be like? Track in (Cupid's humiliation)

Continue believing in dark love, because the incredible man "Cheer-Thikamporn" plays "Oi" and "Toey-Pongsakorn" as "Ung Koon", the toughest girl in Cupid But who came to work late every day before his mother and grandmother let him leave from home, they had to wait for the sky to clear up. To protect against the dilemma caused by men, "awful" people must definitely give orders that do so Let Oil temporarily lease. Otherwise he would have to fire her. That is why Oil met Unkun, a handsome young architect, in his room. From a friend in the neighborhood to become a lover (Hide Cupid's love)

A love that is not focused on money. Because love does not fill the stomach of the girl "Nishanat Nishicha" as "Milin" and "Tono-Phakin" as "Saran" "Milin" Financial Department at Cupids Hut Company Called "Salt Calling Mum" freckled Dai Ploy, a thief who must take on the role of Cupid for the impetuous, impetuous girl Rarina, who wants to have a girlfriend. So come to use the services of Cupids And the man on Rarin's list is "Saran", a handsome young dentist That every woman wants to sleep to get excited (Cupid's overlap)

And loving girls who are not busy and have such an idea Where there is love, there is suffering. "Maprang-Kannaran" plays "Prima" and "Alex-Theeradet" as "Kevin". I am looking for "Kevin Blake & # 39; a, CEO of A matched company with branches in America and many countries in Europe. There are rumors that will expand to Asia. Asian companies associate, compete with each other to find a way to reach Kevin to propose business partners. Cupid Hut has the same goal: It is terrible for Kevin to choose Cupid Hut as his headquarters in Asia. Kevin is known for his father's playboy. By joining to support each other in (Cupid)

And a summary of a large single love version! Beautiful! Happy and Strong! "Chompoo-Araya" as "Waralee" and "Ken-Theeradet" as "Horrible" Waralee, trusted secretary of the head of Cupids Hut Company. She happened when she became the only single woman at Cupids Hut despite being a woman fully equipped in all aspects But no one came to sell her dumplings But Waralee decided to live like a lonely modern woman. He is happy to be single, but Waralee's determination shakes when suddenly a terrible young boss named Lotte Wilder I just realized that Waralee is a woman he loves Come force to support the strict secretary and super boss W (Cupid defeats the devil)

Join us to watch the funny series "The Cupids Company Rak Talueng" broadcast every Monday – Friday. Starting on Friday, September 20 from 13.45-15.45 on channel 3, press 33 or follow the movement in Ch3Thailand.

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