Phuket to accelerate the fireworks of shipowners


Lieutenant Colonel Krisana Pattanacharoen, deputy spokesman, revealed the development of the yacht's fire. Phuket has a report on Phuket Police, which is around 10.30 this time, with the Thalang Police Station police station, Phuket, along with the port department officers. And the participants are interviewing the owner of the ship. The fire and 9 tourists are divided into two cases in case of fire. 2. The matter is considered a criminal offense under the Maritime Law of Thailand or another act under Thalang Police's responsibility. Tha Chatchai Phuket

The spokesman said that. This class is still witnessed by the investigating officer. I still have to wait for the evidence. Results of the Port Class Examination. The owner of the ship Is there a legal procedure? Can a shipwreck allow legally driving a vessel? This can be a criminal offense. The Thai Navy or other related acts are not.

They announced. Gen. Chatchai Chaijinda, MD. Collect evidence gently. Examine all the problems. To be fair to all parties and to be able to answer social issues. In all cases, the police investigated the investigators with evidence supporting the relevant cases. Examine the systematic test. reliability


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