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"Ploy" would like to persuade Moda, Khun Khun, to define coins. There are two sides. Indicating that falling people should not pass.

Still not ending a drama that interests Internet users. For the story of the son of Khun Khun, the famous singer, J-Jatrin and Pin-Ketmani, who hit the 10Fight10 program and was defeated by the actors of Thiti Bank. At the stage that internet users consider inappropriate According to the news

The latest on Instagram Ploy-Ayada, wife of young Gunkanatthawon, host of the event. He published a private Instagram @ ploiiyada to tell the story of this event. Together with sending a pair with Khun Khun With hats that
Please write a little long ..
@jjaokhun? The sky after the rain is always there. People understand. There are people who do not understand. This is normal for people. We will really give everyone a sense of what we feel. Encouraging your sister JK and henceforth is Ploy's personal opinion & everything that Ploy knows everything about. It was bad

1. Ploy thought that what he overlooked was really overlooked. But still only 16 children and one child who never hit boxing And the younger brother was constantly exerted by the society on the promoter This is stress that accompanies pressure, and the younger himself does not want his father to be a drama that helps the child. So he tried to practice fully with this boxing.

2. When I screamed, people asked a lot about what she said … The sound in the studio is very loud. I can barely hear any words In addition to those who are really close to the stage, the word is WHAT? Due to art. 3

3. You probably didn't mean to be aggressive. But doubtfully, he believes that the director must count 10 and his own mind to fight. He would like to solve and get up when the director is about 8 (that's what sister JK thinks and heard from his own mouth)
Which, according to the committee's regulations, saw the catastrophe twice. It will save the player to stop the competition. It became something I didn't know here. There was a question in my head because my heart was ready to fight.

4. Are you trying to get Mike to ask if it is appropriate? Maybe you forgot and left without thinking. Because in my head I thank you very much and refuse Which Kant was shocked, but he understood and tried to do everything so that the audience was not shocked. But he still had no problems with the drama, Gun also said he felt sorry for her. Gun knows this point is really missing. But I am sorry with the live program Everything is really fast. Everything that has already been done cannot come back.

The gem itself does not speak because of bias or intimacy, we meet only 2-3 times. But every time I see you as a charming person, good-natured, honest and looking like a child who is really harmless or bad. While watching the race and watching the jk hit Instead, I feel pity and pain and try to think about the head of the father and sitting mother to see how your child is hit in front of you, but you can't do anything. Jae tries to do everything inside. But the person who caught the mistake will be considered inappropriate But the father's corner only wants to embrace and encourage the child. I want everyone to open their hearts. Look at many angles. A coin always has two sides. He said the water was strong. But that's Ploy's personal idea. And Ploy watched "Falling people should not pass" and believe that the Thai people have sufficient reason and effect. Only if you haven't had the opportunity to tell or tell the truth!? # 10fight10


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