Ratchaburi Hospital! First successor of kidney transplantation. Respiratory patient


Ratchaburi Hospital! First successor of kidney transplantation. Respiratory patient

November 21 In the Chachoengsao conference room, Ratchaburi Hospital Tambon Muang, Ratchaburi Dr.Panet Pangputtipong Inspectors of the Ministry of Health, Region of Health 5, Dr Suriyah Kaharat Ratchaburi Provincial Health Officer, Dr.Pichien Wutthirapinyo Director of the Ratchaburi Hospital, Dr. Somboon Apichai Yingtod Vice President of Kidney Ratchaburi Hospital and Khun Noppamas Suthirawat Deputy Director for Nursing, along with treated patients and co-donorsThe first case of kidney transplant surgery is the hospital's success in Ratchaburi. And the health zone 5

After treatment, a kidney transplant and a kidney transplant. The patient is successful and can return to normal life for 20 days, working with a team of doctors, Ramathibodi hospital, managed by a team of surgeons, urinary system. Vascular surgeon and anesthetic team The results of observation of patients did not show any complications. Live a better life. Do not go back to dialysis as it was.

Dr Pannet Pangputhapong, inspector of the Ministry of Public Health, Region of Health 5, said today that the Ratchaburi Hospital. Are kidney transplant patients ready for treatment because of acute renal failure? The hospital in Ratchaburi has been constantly developing medical staff. It also has modern equipment. The operating room can be operated and used effectively. Make sure that in 8 provinces in Health Zone 5, Ratchaburi Hospital. It may be available and ready to receive patients. Patients after kidney transplantation are successful. Based on the monitoring of the medical team it was found that it can live normally without any complications. I want to invite people who have faith to share donations with the authorities. To enter the patient's breath.

Dr. Somboon Apichai Yingtin said that chronic kidney disease is a major public health problem. If public lack of knowledge. Understanding and lack of awareness in healthcare. A chronic illness is becoming a risky group. Including diabetes. High blood pressure and complications. Chronic renal failure Currently, 573 patients with renal dialysis had 573 patients on dialysis.

Dr. Somboon Apichai Yingtod

Dr Somboon added that kidney transplantation is the best kidney replacement therapy. The kidneys are also good for transplanting patients into the body. To make a new kidney that works well. He can perform activities. As usual The problem is a long waiting period. Because there are very few organ donors. And travel to operating quarters in hospitals in Bangkok. The cost of travel for treatment.

Dr. Somboon said the Ratchaburi Hospital. The kidney transplant surgery of the first patient was completed on October 31 by a patient named Panida Ngam Nueng, 35 years old, Samut Songkhram. Before the treatment of renal failure, kidney failure was diagnosed in April 2018, but kidney disease was reported for about 20 years. Kidney surgery With a kidney transplant

"Patient is happy and wants to be treated Patients with kidney disease can be contacted. Donation from Mr. Taweesak Ngamkhalo, 37, brother. Consent to donate the kid The doctor has transplanted the kidney for transplant to Panida. Which is the sister Now we can live normally after the operation – he says Dr. Somboon.

Panida Ngamkul, the patient revealed that she has kidney disease for 20 years and learned that kidney disease lasts about a month. Past. Fortunately, the kidney transplant was approved in October after surgery. Now I have to take care of myself because I have to control food. You must control yourself best to receive the medicine and medicine that your doctor has given you. Now it is believed that you live like a normal person. I need to control everything.

– Mr. Taweesak Ngarmpon, donor's kidney brother.

Panida said that when traveling to the place she must wear a mask all the time. I can not find anyone in the future, but in the future I can live like a normal person like a new life. I would like to invite the general public to donate organs to patients who are still waiting for hope for treatment. As one of the treatment recipients, you can get merit, and can help two patients.

As Mr. Taweesak Ngampon, his brother, a kidney donor, he said that after surgery for about 20 days, he was able to live normally. It can work the body is normal. No impact on everyday life. And I'm happy that I can help their sister. Thanks to the team that looks after us very well.

Dr. Somboon said the results of the first patient surgery are effective. The kidney returns to normal. You no longer need to monitor your body or dialysis. And the kidney, who is brother, is strong. It can return to normal work. Pre-preparation in this case. The doctor prepared. Because of the Ratchaburi hospital team. Never before To study at the Faculty of Medicine of the Ramathibodi Hospital. Mahidol University This is the largest kidney transplant institute in Thailand. We have a team of doctors, nurses and related employees to see and work as a surgeon's assistant in the operating room at the Ramathibodi hospital.

Dr. Somboon also provided care for patients with kidney disease and the general public. Patients with kidney disease should regularly see a doctor. Control your blood sugar and control your blood pressure to less than 130/80 mm Hg. Control food for salty foods Limited protein products Avoid using painkillers without consulting your doctor, quitting smoking, stopping alcohol and exercising.


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