Reveries of Connected World "Internet" will be bigger than man?


A message that was sent over the internet for the first time in the world … wrote what?

This is the first question on this topic. "Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World" 2016 documentary about the German film legend. "Werner Hirsch" (Werner Herzog)

Hirsch made this documentary at the age of 74. He is 76 years old. Because the Internet did not play any role. With films such as Aguirre, Wrath of God and Fitzcarraldo.

Hersico movie. There are many scenes and stories about nature. To talk about the context "Great nature outside of people" Be immune

Roast in old age "Hersico" Asked when the world entered the era. "Internet genius" Regardless of whether it is the age of an automatic robot. Artificial intelligence The Internet is associated with everything in everyday life – the Internet of Things.

"Internet" will also be "bigger than man"?

Documentary "Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World" Beginning in 1969 at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA)

Here's the location. "The first Internet device in the world" A computer larger than 2 meters.

The message was sent over the Internet for the first time in the world. He was sent from this laboratory. Go to the Stanford Research Institute. 400 miles away on October 29, 1969.

According "First message" The computer was sent to UCLA. Connecting to a computer at Stanford is a word. "Lo" (Lo) that the original programmers from both institutions had to enter along with the words "Sign In" Log in, but communicate and print to find them. You can print only two letters: Lloyd and computer, Stanford Research Institute crashes.

The first message printed from the computer is the word Lo "Lo".

It can be considered as the first day of the beginning of civilization. "Internet age"

"Hersico", the history of the event. "Internet" from the beginning to achieve. Artificial intelligence "

On the one hand, he talked with people in the exciting circles of this innovation. The size of a dream that will not be more than 30 years old. "Intelligent Robot Football Team" It's good to be a man to compete with the FIFA World Cup.

On the opposite side of "Hersk" look. "Dark side of the internet" By telling about cyber harassment, hacking private data privacy, or hacking in the public sector

He also spoke to a group of people suffering from chronic Internet addiction. And people who have enough of mobile signals. Wireless signal I need to find accommodation in the area. "Free Internet" and all wireless connections.

The history of this small group is an obstacle, when the world creates everything in life, we must tie the Internet. Not only is the level an 'alternative' but it makes the internet a vital part of life.

He also studied "Hosok". Will it be the end? "The fall of the Internet age" Or not? The film describes this story. The combination of the sun can be at any time.

In the documentary, he interviewed "Eli Musk", a businessman who founded the MySpace project. Build a rocket and build a habitat on Mars, and it looks like "Eli Musk" will have a big dream of living on Mars.

What if a great night's sleep can be a "nightmare"?

Hirsch presented in a different perspective. The world is still beautiful. But man does not choose treatment. In today's world, people can swim in the sea. Breathe in without having to rely on technology. But we are afraid that the world will collapse, and then decide to go somewhere else?

The evolution of the Internet era. At some point, the internet will be exceeded. Excess human control? He questioned this philosophical question. Quote this word. The theoretician of the Prussian war "Clausewitz" said this.

"Sometimes the war just dreams of itself"

Hersok asked if it was possible. "The Internet will start to dream about yourself" As well as

Intelligence that can not control people and lines. "Ethics with technology" It may be blurred.

A point at which Internet civilization has reached its limits. Our children also want. "Friendship in a human way" or not, or we can be. "Intelligent Internet – Robotics"? There is also no problem?


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