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Thai youth representative "Fence, Thanyaburi" won 2 world IT rankings

Student at Thanyaburi University, representative of Thai youth Create a name for Thailand and the university to win 2 world IT rankings From the Microsoft Office Specialist 2019 and 2019 Associated World Championship Certified Microsoft Microsoft in New York United States

Mr. Wirach Hontawisaya The presidency of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (University of Thanyaburi) revealed that, according to the announcement of World Champions MOS and ACA Certiport Names 2019, representatives of Thai youth from Thanyaburi University who took part in the competition in 2019, took first place in 10 stages of the world . Mr. Sathit Boon Kerd Students of the Faculty of Business Administration Won the fourth place in the world since the stage of the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship (MOS) in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 competition and one person is Mr. Theeraphat Khamsomngam Students of the Faculty of Mass Communication Technology won the 9th position in the world from the stage. The World Championships in Adobe Certified Associated (ACA) in 2019 emphasized that"Thanyaburi University will extend this achievement to students. To create inspiration for learning IT and digital skills, including further development at a higher level To be more ready Before graduation "

On the side of Niti Wittaya Viroj Director of the Office of Scientific Resources and Information Technology. This competition has been added in both MOS and ACA in 2019, competitors from all 60 countries participate, in which Thailand sent 5 students to participate in the competition, and students from Thanyaburi University participate in the competition and they can win 2 awards up to 1 in 10 The world ranking reflects the quality and potential of Thai people. And I would like to admire everyone who took part in the competition. It is believed that this builds the reputation of Thailand and the university, which is gaining international recognition. Importantly, it also reflects the important identity of the University of Thanyaburi in the clear completion of professional practice.

The voices of youth representatives surround Thanyaburi Mr. Sathit Boon Kerd Share the experience I would like to thank to the people behind the success, especially the Thanyaburi University, who support me and encourage the development of potential on the global stage. Thank you to the team from the Office of Scientific Resources and Information Technology and ARIT Company Limited, including all teachers. This helps develop skills and abilities until he is chosen to compete. Importantly, thanks to the good support of other communities, the Ministry of Thanyaburi, which sent encouragement across the country and welcomed it upon returning to Thailand.

Although Mr. Theeraphat Khamsomngam Say the same. Driving force and knowledge from Thanyaburi University have given me such a good opportunity. And it will continue to bring all experiences that are a force for development. I would like to be a representative to thank the university once again for promotion. Develop the ability to win global prizes. Thank you teacher. Trainers and teams that help you practice. Including the best encouragement from all friends, Thanyaburi University

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