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The dollar was moving in a narrow frame. Market keep an eye on the statement of Fed-Prachachat president


The Foreign Currency Department of Bangkok Bank announced that movement on the currency market on Monday November 11, 2019. Baht opened the market this morning (11/11) at 30.33435 Baht / US dollar. Weakening from Friday's closing (8/11) at 30.37 / 39 Baht / US dollar. During the day the US dollar moved in a narrow range due to American holidays. Veterans Day Financial markets around the world are still waiting to see the clarity of US-China trade negotiations. After President Donald Trump said on Friday (8/11) that he disagrees with the abolition of tariffs for imported goods from China. Even though China wants it According to President Trump's speech, it contradicts the statement of the Chinese Ministry of Trade that the United States and China have agreed to gradually abolish the import duties of each party that arose during previous trade wars in the US and China. Meanwhile, investors are observing Jerome Powell's economic outlook for the US Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve) in front of the Congressional Economic Commission. And Consumer Price Index (CPI) for October on Wednesday (13/11) to see the direction of interest rate policy. During the day, the baht moved in a narrow range of 30.34-30.36 baht / US dollar. Before closing the market at 30.34 / 35 baht / dollar

For today's euro movement (11/11), the euro opened at 1.1019 / 21 US dollars / euro. Weaker than the closed market on Friday (8/11) at 1.1038 / 40 USD / euro. The euro was moving in a narrow frame. The market observed Thursday's GDP growth in the third quarter in Germany (14/11), and the market should shrink by 0.1%, and the German economy will continue to slow down for 1 year. And it is still unlikely that the economy will revive. This situation may also have a negative impact on the economies of other countries throughout Europe. During the day the euro was moving from 1.111 to 1.1030 USD / euro. And closing the market at 1.1026 / 28 USD / Euro

Until today, the yen (11/11) opened at 109.13 / 15 yen / US dollar. The market closing rose on Friday (8/11) at 109.33 / 35 yen / USD. The yen continued to be supported as a safe haven due to the uncertainty of US-China trade negotiations. While economic numbers are still weak, Orders for basic machines fell for the third month in a row, 2.9% less in September, lower than analysts expected 0.9% growth. The yen moved within 108.93-109.25 yen / US dollar and closing the market at 108.97 / 99 yen / USD

The main economic indicators in the US this week are the inflation rate for October (13/11), the number of weekly unemployment claims (14/11), producer price index (PPI) for October (14/11), weekly oil reserves from the US Agency Information Energy (EIA) (14/11), retail sales in October (15/11), October import and export prices (15/11), Empire State Manufacturing Index for November from the New York Fed (15/11), industrial production. October (15/11), business sector inventory in September (15/11)

As for the 1-month swap rate in the country at -1.5 / -1.2 satang / US dollar A 1-month international hedging morning was 0.17 / 0.89 satang / US dollars.

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